Day trip

A Day in the Baroque Town of Salzburg

Salzburg, the picture perfect town that most people connect with the movie The Sound of Music, literally means”salt fortress”. Its old world vibe and baroque architecture with the ever imposing Alps makes for a great vacation spot. Salzburg is well known because Mozart was born here. And Mozart is everywhere in this town. You can see his orange […]

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My Tuscan Holiday- An Excursion to Siena

I visited Siena on a radiant day from Florence. Although a few hours is not enough to see this gorgeous Tuscan town, it is definitely not worth leaving either. Known globally for its Palio- a horse race that happens twice every year on July 2 & Aug 16, Siena also prides itself in its medieval walls and stunning […]

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Visiting Assisi in the Enchanting Umbrian Hills

The town of Assisi is the birthplace of St. Francis and is a located in the enchanting Umbrian hills. Assisi is laden with multi colored gonfalons hanging and at least a hundred potted plants neatly arranged outside every house. It seems like a competition as to who has the best plants tied to the windows. […]

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