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Every country is dealing with Lockdown in different ways. In India we re-telecasted the 80s Mythological shows “Ramayan” and “Mahabharata” which are based on our Sanskrit Epics. In Italy, MiBACT (Ministero per i Beni e le Attività culturali e per il Turismo) started the #ArTYouReady campaign so that everyone could share their favorite pictures of Italian museums, galleries, theatres and archaeological sites and virtually relive art from home!

ArTYouReady on Instagram

ArTYouReady is a buzzing campaign on Instagram, all you have to do is pick your favorite picture on Italian Art and use #ArTYouReady and #EmptyMuseum. It is an excellent way to promote cultural heritage and also another fabulous opportunity to virtually travel across Italy!

My friend Sara from My Dear Italia further explains below:

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Italy's cultural heritage is part of our common identity. It's one of the things that keep us united as a people. In this difficult time we have to remind ourself who we are and where we are coming from. For this reason @mibact and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism are promoting a digital flashmob called "ArT you ready?" for today 👉 people are invited to dig into their smartphone's galleries or old albums and post pictures of museums, archealogical parks, theathers, museums (better without people). . I've personally decided to partecipate with a picture of @ercolanoscavi 🏛 🏺The ancient city of #Herculaneum was destroyed and buried under volcanic ashes and pumice during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD along with Pompeii, Oplonti and Stabiano. The site of Herculaneum is smaller than the one of Pompeii, but it's considered to be better preserved. Thanks to this fact, it gives a better idea on how a "Roman" truly lived at the time. . I opted for this particular picture, because, for me, it truly represents the soul of Italy since you can see the "modern" city facing the ruins. Italy is indeed the place where past and present coexist and mingle. 👐 . Join the flashmob and don't forget to use the hashtags #artyouready and #emptymuseum 📷❤ ArT you ready? . . #romanruins #ruins #italy #italien #italy_photolovers #ercolanoscavi #tourism #super_europe #super_italy #italyiloveyou #italianplaces #volgocampania #campania_super_pics #hercolaneumruins

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I went deep in my archives to find some pictures for #ArTYouReady and #EmptyMuseums. This is at short notice but I do hope you enjoy!


A Statue in La Scarzuola, Montegabbione


Duomo di Palermo, Sicily


Museo della Carta, Fabriano



Protestant Cemetery, Rome



Palazzo Ducale, Urbino



Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Tuscany



Teatro dell’Aquila, Fermo


Castello del Valentino, Turin

I also found some gorgeous pictures on Instagram that I thought you might like:

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C’era una volta in cui creavamo opere d’arte con le opere d’arte. . Oggi partecipo al flashmob #artyouready promosso da @weareigersit in collaborazione con @mibact ed @italiachiamo20, per ricordarci che per adesso #iorestoacasa ma tra poche settimane potremo di nuovo assaporare l’arte dei numerosi musei del nostro Paese! . . . . . #weareigersit #ig_italia #whatitalyis #browsingitaly #Ilikeitaly #guardiantravelsnaps #italy_vacations #thetuscantimes #freedomthinkers #discovermag #huffpostgram #bbctravel #lovetheworld #through_italy #beautifuldestinations #exploringitaly #italiainunoscatto #ongooglemaps #emptymuseum #litaliachiamò #museitaliani #weareigersumbria #foligno #calamitacosmica #weareigersperugia #perugia

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Forse questa è stata l'ultima corsa di questa botticella. È il 29 febbraio 2020 e l'Italia stava correndo ai ripari, stava sempre più prendendo coscienza del virus, andavamo verso la distanza sociale, il #lockdown. Partecipo al flashmob del patrimonio culturale italiano organizzato dal @mibact e dagli igers italiani. . . Foto: la botticella al tempo del coronavirus __________________ #artyouready #emptymuseum #iorestoacasa #Litaliachiamò #flashmob #museichiusimuseiaperti @museitaliani #museitaliani #Roma #contest #igersmuseum #igersRoma #igersitalia #museumgram #museumgramitaly #Romagram #Roma #NoiNonMolliamo #🇮🇹#romelovers #rome #triptorome #visitrome #museum #museumlife #instagram #Pantheon #Adriano #quarantena #covid19

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If you’re on Instagram why not share a picture of your favorite museum/archaeological site/theatre with #EmptyMuseum and #ArTYouReady! Don’t forget to tag #Italophilia!

Meanwhile, I’m jotting down ideas for my next Italian sojourn! 😉

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  • Trinity
    March 31, 2020 at 2:29 am

    This is a wonderful initiative! Thank you for highlighting it, Ishita. I’ll have to go through my archives, too. 😀

    • Italophilia
      March 31, 2020 at 7:18 pm

      Waiting for your image to show on my feed. Have a good day, Trinity!

  • KareninCalabria
    March 29, 2020 at 11:34 pm

    Great initiative. So I’m scrolling through your beautiful photos, and I must say that I wasn’t #ArTYouReady for the statue in La Scarzuola! Ha, ha, it snuck up on me amidst the more traditional images!

    • Italophilia
      March 29, 2020 at 11:50 pm

      Hahahaha! I’m sure no one was, but its a unique one 😉 Grazie cara!

  • Sara
    March 29, 2020 at 11:05 pm

    Very kind of you, my friend 🙏❤ Writing a blog post about this flashmob is a great idea, I hope more people will join, not only Italians but also from abroad! ❤❤

    • Italophilia
      March 29, 2020 at 11:20 pm

      I absolutely loved the idea and had to share 🙂 I hope too! Much love. xx

  • Mayur
    March 29, 2020 at 10:37 pm

    India is lockdown, Italy condition very worse.
    Where r you? Are you OK?

    • Italophilia
      March 29, 2020 at 10:57 pm

      Hi, I’m in India. Thanks for your concern. Hope you’re staying safe!

      • Mayur
        March 30, 2020 at 9:42 am

        Welcome, I am safe. We stay home till 14/04


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