Vineyard Walk at Vigneti Santa Liberata

If you ask me what is the most important part of travel in Italy for me, I would first and foremost mention its the people. I have been fortunate to have met and befriended many lovely souls people over the past few years that strengthen my belief when I say this. There have been so many people who have supported me for my love for all things Italian and I am incredibly grateful!


Vigneti Santa Liberata

In Le Marche, I met Giorgio Savini with his niece Martina Savini- two lovely souls who went an extra mile to show the best of their region. The Savinis run the Vigneti Santa Liberata near Fermo and make their wines with great passion and care.

Vigneti Santa Liberata

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Filled with great vigor and passion, it was a treat to listen to their story and walk in their vineyard on a clear May day. Wine making has been (not surprisingly) in their family since 1934 and they aim to make wine using high quality organic farming. Their passion and love for Le Marche was heartwarming and I could really understand they had poured their heart into the business! Martina, with whom I could instantly connected, was a joy to speak to!

Vigneti Santa Liberata

We had a long walk in their vineyards followed by a wine tasting where I tried their Rosso Piceno DOC Le ReneRosso Piceno DOC Vigna Cacià and Marche Rosso IGT Dàidalos. My favorite was the DOC Vigna Cacia, it absolutely was to my taste!

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Vigneti Santa Liberata
Vigneti Santa Liberata


Vigneti Santa Liberata
Vigneti Santa Liberata
Vigneti Santa Liberata
Vigneti Santa Liberata

If you are looking to taste some wines of Le Marche, plan a visit to their vineyard near Fermo. They organize wine tastings and tours and are the best way to see something offbeat in and around the area. Even from Ancona it is well worth a day’s trip. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Email:

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28 thoughts on “Vineyard Walk at Vigneti Santa Liberata

  1. I wonder what makes people in Europe so crazy about wines. Is it really the taste or a hype created by the industry. Vineyards are lovely though.

    1. It’s not a hype but a way of life. It is so cheap and easy and they don’t drink to get drunk like we do here (crazily if I might add….. ) Yes vineyards are gorgeous Anu.

  2. Is there anything more beautiful than those rolling hills filled with grape vines and wonderful people, vineyards and great wine?! Wow!

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