Of Jams, Jellies and Nature at SIGI Azienda Agricola

SIGI Azienda Agricola is tucked away in a beautiful corner of Macerata province in Le Marche. SI.GI. is a producer of natural jam and jellies and the brainchild of Silvano Buccolini. He and his family bring together a variety of seasonal products to the market and have a no chemical approach. Their focus is to keep the aromas, taste and richness of the fruit and make outstanding products. And oh how well they do!
DSC09139SIGI Azienda Agricola

SIGI Azienda Agricola

My visit to the SI.GI. farm was nothing short of amazing. DiscoverMarche recommended me their jams and we booked a meeting with Silvano and his daughter in a few days time. The weather supported me fully, probably the first time since I had been in Marche. The whole area in and around the farm was in full bloom. It was spectacular!
Permit me to get a little poetic, the colors of the spring and the sound of the wind added an inexplicable freshness to the day.
Silvano showed us his burgeoning orchards where there were different varities of trees and plants. Cherries, mint, plum, blackberries and jujube and a fair many others whose names I can’t recall but have them vividly etched in memory.

SIGI Azienda Agricola
SIGI Azienda Agricola
SIGI Azienda Agricola

The succulent cherries on the tree were enough to give me a craving. And nothing really beats the experience of having a freshly plucked fruit. Does it?? They were immensely ripe and that I could probably make a meal of them. But on Silvano’s instructions I didn’t eat too many as they are warm for the stomach. (Point noted for future)

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I also got a sneak peek into the jam making process at SI.GI where everything is done manually. Silvano’s happy team were quietly working as he explained the different varieties of jam they sold in Italy and rest of Europe. Apart from the strange flavors of onion, zucchini, pepper and wine there was also strawberry, sapa, raspberry, black cherries, quinces and jujubes. I sampled many bottles back home.

SIGI Azienda Agricola

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It was a day well spent at SI.GI, amidst nature. Their products are 100% unique and fresh and it makes you think long and hard about the “jams” we end up buying from the market.
If you would like to visit the farm please contact them on their Facebook page SI.GI. can be best reached by car and is very close to Macerata town.

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PS: I really think you should try the onion jam!


38 thoughts on “Of Jams, Jellies and Nature at SIGI Azienda Agricola

  1. Ishita what a fab day. Another must do for me. I have visited Macerata many times when staying in Pievebovigliano and Castelraimondo. Another fantastic hilltop town

  2. What a great stop, the grounds are beautiful and those cherries looked amazing! Were you able to taste any plums? They are my favorite!

  3. oh jujube jam, how intriguing! now is the jam season after the fruit harvest, so I dig this post. hmm I wonder how they use the onion jam. It must be served with a meat dish no?

  4. Great . Beautiful clicks.During the last few months of Travel, I too have come across few of most beautiful creations of Nature – A Pink Pigeon , A White Peacock and some other delightful species (Though I didn’t find such wonderful Jams & jellies ).Have a look –
    Exploring the Colours of Nature – A Photographical Insight

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