Caffè al Bicerin dal 1763

Want a little slice of heaven in Turin?? Consider having “Bicerin” from Caffè al Bicerin.

Caffè al Bicerin

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What is Bicerin??

Bicerin is quite simply a drink of espresso, chocolate and cream. This sinful drink topped with a secret ingredient from Caffè al Bicerin is what makes it so special! This drink was invented by Caffè al Bicerin centuries ago and has since then retained it’s recipe, style and production. The legacy is astounding!

Caffè al Bicerin

On my visit, I was transported to the old times inside an old cafe filled with wood panels, dimly lit candles and white marble table tops. I found myself on the same seat that years ago Italy’s first Prime Minister sat in. It was such a treat! This place is run ONLY by WOMEN since centuries.. I feel that that is probably the secret of it being the best place for Bicerin in the world. What do you think?? 😉

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Don’t miss visiting Caffè al Bicerin when you are in Turin and also check their specialty store next door where everything is filled with chocolate!

Bicerin comes at the price of a whooping €6 but it is really is worth every penny at least once in your life (okay more than once!).
Piazza della Consolata, 5



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27 thoughts on “Caffè al Bicerin dal 1763

  1. This looks lovely. 2018 must be the year in which I return to Torino since I’ve not been there since I was a small child. I remember it well though, especially the Mole Antonelliana. Did you know that in Venetian dialect, bicerin means ‘a quick drink’ as in ‘Vustu un bicerin?’ ‘Do you want a quick drink?’

  2. I like the way you teach us one Italian word or concept in every post. One by one you are introducing you to the country and its culture. Thank you.

  3. I used to live not far from the santuario della consolata! Try the Neo Head Bar nearby, hopefully it’s still open and their Bicerin is at a fraction of the price…

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