Bar Farnese: Coffee near Campo de Fiori

Bar Farnese is a Roman Bar and a great place to have coffee near Campo de’ Fiori. This old school Italian institution in the heart of Rome is a delicious stop for coffee, panini, cornetti and drinks.

Bar Farnese: Coffee near Campo de’ Fiori

Classic Roman Bar

Bar Farnese is a classic Roman bar offering sumptuous options to eat. A welcoming staff and outdoor seating are just one of the reasons you should visit Farnese. It also happens to be the perfect area for people watching in Central Rome. The owner Angelo is adorably kind. If you visit him multiple times, he remembers your usual order!!

Hot Chocolate at Bar Farnese

This is the area in Rome where you wouldn’t expect authenticity. But you’ll be surprised with Bar Farnese because throughout the day, it is full of locals!

No Frills Service

The fact that Bar Farnese has the most unassuming door in the most touristy part of the city, shows that they care more for quality than anything else. They have a small space too, so don’t expect any type of fancy service here.

What matters though is that Farnese serves the best coffee near Campo de’ Fiori and even has great options for aperitivo. The prices are moderate considering the area it is in! (I paid €3 for 2 cups of cappuccino here!)

It would be best to start with a greeting as you enter and talk to Angelo. Remember that Farnese is a a very Roman affair so you’ll hear Italian more than English. Visit Bar Farnese for coffee near Campo de’ Fiori!

Bar Farnese- Via de Baullari 20, Rome

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Angelo at Bar Farnese

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