The Elegance of Torino in 7 Pictures

I’m extremely pleased to share my published article from this month’s issue of Travel & Leisure India! This piece is doubly special to me because not only is it something I was working on since long but also because it involved one of my favorite Italian cities- TORINO!

I will share a web link as soon as I have but for now I hope you enjoy the screenshots below. Thank you to each and everyone for your constant love and support for my love of Italy. It really means a lot!!



Also sharing 7 of my favorite pictures from Torino that I absolutely love. I think this city is one of the most elegant places I have been in a long time. If you are planning to travel to Turin anytime soon, don’t think just go!! You won’t regret. And also don’t forget to read my posts stocked up here 🙂

Torino in 7 Pictures:

Piazza Castello
Piazza San Marco
Via Po
Piazza San Carlo


Monte dei Cappuccini

Fontana del Po
Parco del Valentino


Ishita Sood {Italophilia}

Ishita is an Indian Blogger who is in love with all things Italian. Every year, Ishita seek’s new experiences and destinations in Italy; from the southernmost tip of Sicilia to the Northern parts of Piemonte. Ishita works and lives in Delhi.

22 thoughts on “The Elegance of Torino in 7 Pictures

    1. So glad you have written a brilliant article on Turin, Ishita. My grandmother came from there and I grew to love the city. It is a fabulous place to visit and has some lovely surrounding countryside. Many thanks!

  1. Hi Ishita,

    Congratulations on having your article about Torino and beautiful pictures published in the “Travel & Leisure India” magazine. That’s is a big success!!! I am very happy to hear that since you certainly well deserve it and I am sure this article is very interesting, even if I can not read it.

    Keep up with great work!!!

  2. Hi Ishita – Loved the article and the photos. Torino is one of my favorite cities in Italy – it is my husband’s home town and we were married there. The piazzas are stunning and taking a walk under the “portici” is a great way to enjoy this royal city.

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