Still More Charming Italian Words that I Love

This post is doubly special to me. One, because I have been learning the Italian language since close to a year now and these words that I share motivate me to learn more and do better each day, and two because it brings me closer to my audience and to the Italians.Not only do I get encouraged by them whenever I speak even a small sentence (full of mistakes) but I also hear from a different section of people who don’t know the language at all but are curious to learn and share.

When this post on “Charming Italian Words” was started, I had no idea it would be so popular. Grazie Mille a tutti! Thank YOU very much everyone!

Continuing the series now, here are some more of my favorite Italian words. Hope you enjoy this list and learn some more from my meagre reading. Buona Lettura!
Sinistra: it means the direction Left.
Altrettanto: love the sound of it. It means likewise.
Truccarsi: To put make up 😉
Ecco: Here is, here are, there is, there are..
Fazzoletto: Handkerchief. Never has a word been prettier.


Garbuglio: Just like it’s name it means muddle.
Zerbino: Doormat. Very cute isn’t it?
Smeraldo: It means the jewel Emerald. Quite easy and lovely.
Bacio: A peck of kiss <3 need I say more?? -Ciccione: Fat and chubby 😀 Haha!
Bugiardo: A little liar 😉


Azzurro: The color Blue.
Abbastanza: Sufficient.
Pezzetto: Pieces.
Leggermente: Somewhat, lightly.

My favorites from the list are ciccone, leggermente (I want to use it often) and fazzoletto 🙂 And yours??



61 thoughts on “Still More Charming Italian Words that I Love

  1. “Altretanto” (mind single last ‘t’), “abbastanza” and “pezzetto” all roll off the tongue in a truly lovely way and I notice they are much used by the natives in Roma. There are some here I didn’t know before, such as “zerbino”, “truccarsi” and “garbuglio”. The one I most often use myself is “eccolo”, “eccoli”, “eccomi”, and “eccoci”. Let me teach you the longest and most useless word in Italian (if you don’t know it yet): “Precipitevolissimevolmente”.

      1. I just asked amore and he said: “Fast. Or quickly.” Hahhahah. To pronounce it imagine that it is made of these words: precipite (stress on first i) + volissime (stress on first i) + volmente (stress on first e).

  2. All such fantastic words, it’s hard to pick a favorite! Fazzoleto has a special memory for me, Iearned it years ago from my little 5-year-old cousin while driving around in Puglia, and I have never forgotten it! Un bacio a te!

  3. Grazie!
    I’ve been teaching myself Italian for about a year now, and spent 3 weeks there this past Spring. I miss it dearly and following your blog gives me a small taste of it until I can get back there. Lovely post! I think I shall find a way to use Fazzoletto this week. =)

  4. Wait until you get into swearing and other expressions. Have to admit, always had a fascination with how swear words tie in with sacred concepts. I used to speak Italian, but forgot almost everything. It comes back though. My favorite is sinistra. Like someone said above, interesting to note the connections to the devil et al.

  5. Ciao Ishitia, I am in my last day in Italy, and have not had goos internet access, so I am way behind reading your post and beginning from the most recent going back…….Me too, I LOVE the word ‘sinister’
    I am off to read some more – Lindy x

      1. Molte bene grazie Ishita, e tu come sta?
        We are hoping to buy a house in the Bourgogne, so really busy, not much time to blog…….nothing definite yet, but will keep you posted. Bisous

    1. Grazie cara. I’m just trying to cope with my course book. I do have a basic Italian book with exercises of past, present and future. It’s called certificato di Lingua italiana by Carlo Buldrini.

      1. I made it to the upper intermediate class. I can do pretty well but am not means fluent. I think that takes living there honestly or immersion at home which is hard to do

        1. Immersion at home is toughest. I agree. We end up speaking Hindi n English most of the time in class. Someday I really want to go there for a few weeks and learn Italian..

          1. I’ve always wanted to do an immersion there. Maybe one day…..I was using the Italki weekly to talk with natives. Now that the little one has come I haven’t had a chance but I’m teaching him and got him some children’s books so that’s fun.

          2. One day. We can plan something together. Heard there are great schools in and around toscana region and in bologna. Aww must be fun!

  6. Lovely blog, congrats! 😊It’s always interesting for me to see how foreign people perceive my country and I love to read about favourite words!
    “Doppie” are always tricky for non-Italians, so it’s very brave of you to choose these words! Just pay attention to “altrettanto” and “azzurro” which need respectively double t and double r.
    Speaking of “garbuglio”, I have to say that it’s not a really common word in the spoken language ( I guess it is used only in Tuscany); “ciccione” is surely a word with a lovely sound to it, but it’s quite rude to say ciccione to someone! 😅
    Great work!

    1. Thank you Sara for your beautiful words and perspectives. I’m sure I’d feel the same way about someone if they were crazy for Hindi. Yes the spellings are tricky and over all Italian isn’t an easy language. I’m trying though 🙁 🙂

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