Tips for Solo Female Travel in Italy

It is not easy being a solo female traveler.…Especially in India. There are many cultural and societal issues attached to it which I don’t want to get into. But around me, there are women who travel alone, who want to travel alone and many who admire others for doing it. Hence, I know there are many women who would find this post on Tips for Solo Female Travel in Italy” necessary and befitting. I hope to give those women that push to travel alone! 

My Story on Solo Travel in Italy

When I first thought of traveling to Italy alone, I was nervous and excited but I wasn’t under confident. I remember that feeling because I really wanted to do it. In fact from some people who had already visited Italy, I was told how safe it was compared to many other places such as Delhi (my current home). Anyhow I wanted to try myself and experience solo travel in the country.

Coming from a very open minded and supportive family, I most often than not faced the concern of “safety” more than the concern of “approval”. My family stood like a backbone, supporting me for my solo trips to Italy.

I was usually questioned on the “hows” of traveling solo more than the “whys”. So I agree, traveling solo in Italy was much easier for me than any of you. But here’s how I help you…..!!

Sometimes all one needs is a push and by that I don’t mean going against your family’s wishes but standing up for what you want and what you believe in. If traveling solo is what you want, do not overthink. Just dive in!

But YOU need to be convinced yourself first!

Once that is figured, prepare your family for it and read my tips on enjoying solo travel and keeping yourself safe! 😉

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Tips for Solo Female Travel in Italy: Me in Trastevere, Rome

Tips for Solo Female Travel in Italy

Honestly, my first solo trip in Italy was not only my first solo trip outside of my country but also MY VERY FIRST solo trip! I learnt many things on the road and wanted to pass them as a handy list of tips to anyone looking to travel alone in Italy or beyond:

1. Stay Vigilant Around Train Stations: First things first is You. Then your belongings! Keep yourself together because one look away from your bag might turn to be very expensive or dangerous to you.

2. If there is anywhere I have felt unsafe in Italy, it has been those small town train stations where there is no soul in sight but that one stranger eyeing your bag.

3. Say Hello to Morning/Afternoon flights: Take flight that lands in morning or afternoon because when you are in a foreign land (where you also don’t speak the local language) you should be reaching your accommodation at a reasonable time and preferably before it’s too dark.

4. Never have all Cash and Card in One Place: I know you have read this countless times before but this is 100% true. Please don’t make this mistake! Spread your cash and cards in different pouches, bags, inside socks, packets etc. Don’t carry it all with you either!

5. Try a Group Tour: Feeling too lonely?? Book a cooking class or dine in a local’s home like I did. It not only helps in making more friends but also drives away that loneliness!

Tips for Solo Female Travel in Italy: Italy: Pizza Making Class in Rome

6. Know the Cost of a Taxi: Stuck somewhere?? Take a taxi from outside the airport/train stations and make sure you research online beforehand. Have the Trenit App downloaded on your phone to check cost of train in Italy.

7. Save Numbers of your Country’s Embassy: Keep numbers of your country’s Embassy handy. I have the number of the Indian Embassy in Rome saved in my phone. In case of an emergency, this is not only useful but also calms you down to see your people in a foreign land. Also, make sure you have copies of your Passport and Visa with you (just in case).

Tips for Solo Female Travel in Italy: Strike a Conversation with locals

8. Strike Conversations with Locals but Be Aware: Even if it is just a Grazie (Thank you) or a Buongiorno (Good Morning) you will be surprised how friendly locals are in Italy. They can really go out of the way to help you and obviously knowing Italian helps. Trust me, there is so much kindness in the world, and Italy reminds me that every single time. If you feel there is catcalling or over friendliness on the street, just politely say, no grazie (no, thank you) and walk away swiftly!

9. Keep in Touch with Family: I know solo travel gets lonely at times, especially early evenings (for me) so stay in touch with family and friends. Let them know where you are, send a picture of yourself, they are waiting to hear from you!

10. Look Confident: Give the impression that you know things. This helps to avoid people to come near you in the first place.

Common sense and gut are my strongest suits when traveling alone!

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      Tips for Solo Female Travel in Italy: Look Confident

11. Enjoy Eating Alone: Dining alone is awkward?? Do you feel nervous and think you are being judged?? Yes you probably are!! But why worry?? Carry a book or a pair of headphones. Never in Italy have I felt that I should be treated differently because I am alone. Of course the occasional stare happens in ANY country, but I have ended up chatting with a lot of people because of this very reason!

Remember….. these are only a few tips to traveling solo…it’s baby steps to everything! You can’t be a pro at traveling alone after one trip. So give yourself time to get accustomed to it.

Research research research. Read a lot of blogs before going anywhere. Even in Italy that’s what I do!

Tips for Solo Female Travel in Italy: Are you ready??

While writing this post, I saw myself featured on Texas Mom In Torino’s Blog where she says “I don’t know anyone who is as brave as you are to travel solo“. I am deeply touched and also very flattered because I never thought I could be featured in a blog post concerning solo female travel. But there I was!! I know there are many of out there looking for that one ray of hope and inspiration to start it.

Remember it’s not always Instagram pictures and coffee in the sunshine but there are many ups and downs with it, so be brave and embrace it!

Traveling alone in Italy has been the most exhilarating experiences of my life! I can’t wait to do it again!

Happy Traveling Ladies!!


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People keep asking me when my next trip to Italy will be…..Honestly I don't know 🤔 I wish I did. It probably is the most saddest of answers but it is also the most honest. Truth be told, in the past years, Italy has always "come" to me💫 It has always found me at a time when I most needed it. (Or I found her when she needed me 😬) I still remember when I had that aching feeling to go back to those streets, those people and that culture. And simply out of nowhere, things just happened….!!I made those things happen ( because it's NOT JUST dreamy/sugar coated words or magic) But I swear everything aligned only when it had to. I went to Italy to meet the people I had to meet. Just like everything in life it came at the right time…..🇮🇹 💁 So whenever my trip to Italy will be, it will be when both of us need each other the most. For now I'll focus on keeping Italy alive in India and keep the reading, writing and sharing going…… What do you think?? #lovelettertoitaly #Italophilia

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72 thoughts on “Tips for Solo Female Travel in Italy

  1. I travel alone all the time in Italy and find most people kind and helpful. I agree about railways stations, keep your belonging close and try to look confident.

  2. All very good advice, especially about being aware of your surroundings. I think sometimes people are distracted – or let themselves be distracted – and that’s when they get taken advantage of. Knowing who is in your surroundings (especially walking behind you) also helps to build confidence and ensures you will really see the place you’ve come to see! And thanks for letting me know about the Trenit Ap!

    1. Yes that is true but all this comes with time. We definitely need to be aware of our surroundings. I think my gut feeling is usually almost right. Most welcome!

  3. I’ve had more problems in London and especially Paris, not Florence. I feel like I can go anywhere in Florence, alone, and be at home. Before arthritis I used to walk up to San Miniato al Monte, and even stop by the church down the way to drop off lire and leftovers of pasta for dei gatti, the feral cats, via their caretaker. She said she was not a beggar and I replied that it was for the cats. San Miniato has a wonderful Annunciation painting, as well as a cemetery with a lovely view of the city. Be sure to get an early start in the morning, gals, with coffee at Rivoire overlooking the Pallazzo Vechhio and fake statue of David and people-watch. The real David got messed up with gas fumes so was moved to the Galleria Accademia. Alone in Italy, England, Scotland, Greece.Even in the USA. I’m married but he’s away and it’s just me and our old dog. Cheers, ciao.

    1. Really?? Surprising to hear about London here. Florence is very safe to me too. Obviously every one has to be cautious in the back streets.

  4. Good list! I agree with all of them, but would add wearing a money belt.
    I have traveled solo in a lot of places, including India, and hear “you’re so brave” or “aren’t you scared” a lot. I usually answer that bravery involves doing something that scares you, and I’m not sure what I should be scared of when traveling. It often turns out that people are worried about not knowing the language, which I have seldom found to be a big problem.

    1. Thanks 🙂 I have never really worn one so don’t know about it and I tend to give advice based on experience. Yeah bravery does come once you do something scary. 100% agree about the language bit. There is so much you can do with just a few gestures. Obviously not in situations of emergency but still!!

  5. Excellent suggestions for traveling anywhere alone. I have traveled to Spain, southern France, Italy and England solo, and although I did sometimes meet up with friends, much of it was done on my own and it is such a liberating experience. The tip about being alert at train stations is particularly important, and that is in any country, including the United States. Bus depots are also a place to be very vigilant and alert. this is why I always recommend packing as light as you can, especially if you’ll be traveling alone and by bus or train. The fewer things you have to carry with you, the more quickly you can move about and the easier your travel will be.

    1. Liberating is the word I was looking for! Thank you 🙂 Being alert in stations is so needed, otherwise anything can happen. Packing light is a great tip.

  6. All great tips Ishita. I have been travelling alone, even by motorcycle, for about 30 years now. Being alone does often spur conversation, as did a woman riding a motorcycle alone ha ha. Even those small conversations in a cafe can make you feel less alone. My gut has never let me down either.. always trust your gut!
    Keep on travelling my friend it can be very freeing 🙂

      1. oh heck no. Most of my travel has been in the US. Some Canada. Once, soon to be twice, Italy. You my friend are quite the inspiration eapecially considering the number of countries you have been ❤❤

  7. Excellent tips. I travel alone all the time and I so agree with arriving and getting to your destination in daylight. Even where a place is relatively safe, it just gives you that secure feeling to know where you’re going after dark. Also, a very good comment about being comfortable eating along. The “table for 1” scenario can be intimidating, but you have to act and then hopefully feel that it’s not. In Italy, are people staring at you at the table all by yourself? If you’re outside a big city, yes, they probably are, but they’re just curious, and you have to be okay with that.
    I know exactly what you mean about those empty train stations. I particularly don’t like the stairs and underground passageways, but I’d add to be very vigilant with personal belongings in all train stations, particularly Rome’s Termini when it’s crowded.

    1. Thank you Karen. I absolutely have never booked a plane that lands late after 8 .. I don’t know why but it comes naturally. Yes they do quite a lot of times. Small or big towns 😉 Rome’s Termini is the worst of them all. But being vigilant is the key.

  8. You have some amazing tips here! I like the one about confidence, I think it’s always important to look like you know where you are and what you are doing even if you aren’t sure! I think it’s amazing that you travel solo and I have so much admiration for you! I think next time you are in Italy, you’ll have to venture further south! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Lulu! 🙂 Absolutely and faking it helps in tough situations!! I have to make it to Calabria for sure. I still have only seen Puglia and Sicily in the South.

  9. Great tips, especially about not arriving at destinations after dark. Travelling alone requires a lot of common sense. I must say I have never felt unsafe travelling in Italia. I have had more issues travelling in the US. Buon viaggio, Cristina

    1. Thanks Cristina 🙂 Nice to see you on Italophilia. That’s good! I have felt unsafe a few times but all at the train stations in small towns. Ciao e buona serata! x

  10. I went to Italy with my young daughter 10 years ago and stayed in Tuscany in a 500 year-old villa and it was exquisite. I did most of my shopping in Florence, and gallivanted all over Pisa. The people were wonderful everywhere we went. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  11. Thank you for your like on my blog post about Rome. Strangely enough, just the day before I was reading this post of yours about solo female travel in Italy, as I am going to be travelling solo in Italy in June/July! I have never travelled solo before, and your post about it has been the most realistic and relatable that I have come across. So thank you in advance for your tips 🙂

    1. You are so kind! Thank you so much 🙂 it wasn’t a coincidence then, you needed to read that post 😊 happy travels and don’t forget to share your experience. X

  12. all great tips! i love traveling alone and definitely agree that doing tours/activities is a great way to meet other people and learn something about the place you’re visiting!

  13. This is such a great list of practical advice. I have done very little travelling and the thought of travelling alone fills me with dread (!) but I can understand the feeling of freedom and independence that it brings.
    And congratulations because someone loved this post so much, they added it to the BlogCrush linky! Feel free to collect your “I’ve been featured” blog badge 🙂 #blogcrush

    1. Thanks a lot Lucy. Hope you can travel alone one day. Don’t dread it, just do it! I am very humbled to be added a blog crush.

  14. Thank you so much for your tips. I’m travelling solo for the first time this year and it is to Rome and although I’ve been to Italy a number of times so I know a little of what to expect, its lovely to read someone elses tips on the same thing. Lissibelle xx

  15. Thanks so much for sharing these tips! I think more ladies should travel solo, at least once, and these tips totally would make it easier for any adventure-seeking newbie! I am so in love with Italy and can’t wait be back next month! Reading this also made me much more romesick! I can’t wait to touch down in Italy!

  16. Italy is awesome country. Great place for traveling, roaming. You share the tips are really helpful for solo female traveler. Awesome information you share on this blog. Great Blog!

  17. I appreciate your sharing, I must say that your shared information is very useful for me because I also have a plan to go there in coming up days. I hope so that it will b a really greet time for us.

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