72 Hours in Polignano a Mare

I have always believed 24 hours does not do justice to any town/city. Especially if one has time at their disposal, it is best to spend knowing a place better. 72 hours in Polignano a mare were not enough, I’d say but definitely gave me a taste of Puglian food and hospitality. Polignano a mare is a gorgeous seaside town in Puglia and after spending 3 days, I highly recommend it!

I stayed in B&B Grottone -quaint B&B only 5 minutes from the main piazza.

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I enjoyed my mornings in the huge terrace and then later had coffee at the local Bar.

The B&B owner Gianni, had a tie up with the Bar so it was fun spending every morning at the same Bar. 

72 Hours in Polignano a Mare

A short guide on how to spend 3 days (72 hours) in this gorgeous town follows below:

Day 1:

Polignano is a town made of a limestone cliff. So on the first day, take a walk and see what makes this town so famous! You’ll cross the statue of the famous singer Domenico Mudugno who you will remember him from the famous song- VOLAREIt continues in my head as I write…..Polignano was his home town and that’ss a great commemoration the town gave to him.

72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare

After a walk head down to the beach and laze around in the sun. Polignano’s beach is breathtaking and it is lovely basking in the sun yet again. Relish La dolce vita! If you are tired, have fresh fruit from Joya Canti di Stagione. Then pick a place for lunch. All are fabulous (list below).

In the evening have an aperitivo (drinks+snacks) at Bar Millenium. Next to it is a store selling jewellery and the owner Rosanna is adorable. She and I befriended each other even though I was not as well versed with my Italian that time. It is a good shopping spot!

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Day 2:

On the second day, enjoy another fabulous sunrise on the terrace with the view of the sea. For breakfast, go to Bar Millennium and enjoy the local vibe in the backdrop of the clink of glasses and smell of fresh coffee.

72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare

Have lunch in any of the places of the historic centre, like I did. My lunch consisted of blue cheese pizza with a glass of Puglian Negroamaro.

DSC06026 Spend the evening shopping, gelato tasting and more people watching.

Day 3:

Polignano is really a trip of relaxation if you ask. Unless you are the sort of traveller that goes to new towns every day, I’d say just take it easy. End your third day with breakfast at Bar Millenium and take a stroll on the other side of the town.

You can either hop and catch a train to Monopoli or keep sitting at a local Bar.

72 Hours in Polignano a Mare
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare

Where to Stay:

B&B Grottone: €70 onwards depending on the room and season.

Where to Eat:

  • Joya Canti di Stagione: fresh shakes and salads.


  • Bar Millennium: coffee and aperitivo



  • MINT: cheese, wine and salads. Don’t miss their cheesecakes!



  • Monaco: fresh seafood



  • La Terazza: Wide variety of pizza



  • Super Mago el Gelo: Gelato and Caffè Speciale
72 Hours in Polignano a Mare


Disclaimer: I was offered a discount by Gianni from B&B Grottone, but as always the views here are my own.



62 thoughts on “72 Hours in Polignano a Mare

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post – these photos are SO dramatic, very different from other Italian posts – just another area to explore – I leave for Tuscany 5 weeks on Sunday all being well xx

      1. I have been very busy and not made any posts for a while, nor have I had the time or inclination to read any, but you know how much I love yours – to take me to another place xxx

    1. Ok, this is the quote i was thinking about- “You take delight not in a city’s seven or seventy wonders, but in the answer it gives to a question of yours.” !

  2. It sounds like you’ve had a fantastic time. I’d normally say 3 days to a week is perfect to get to slightly know a place. And that terrace. Oh my. Can imagine how much you’d have loved waking up to that!

    1. Thank you dear. Yes. I used to read there and I had pizza one night sitting there and listening to the sound of the sea. Thank you 😃

    1. thank you for encouraging every time. It keeps me going 🙂 I just saw on your IG. Do you stay in Italy otherwise or travel often? Have a super time in Sicily.

  3. Absolutely – you need at least 72 hours, because you have to sleep a few of them, too! Nice visit and as I said on your last post, LOVE THAT STATUE! You can hear it sing through the computer!

    1. yes 🙂 I slept and relaxed so much and this was just before visiting Sicily so it was much needed 😉 I’m singing with you Karen..volare 😉

  4. Ah Ishita, this place is breath taking. The water is divine and your B&B sounds wonderful. What a lovely few days. And yes, I agree 24 hours is not long enough – it takes several days to take it in and to meet some nice people.

  5. What a fantastic way to spend 72 hours! The pictures are amazing, that beach and the sea are incredible. I cannot wait to visit myself, and I already know where I will be having breakfast for some amazing coffee and a cornetto! 🙂

  6. Loved reading this post, Ishita. I really find it great how you end up making friends wherever you go [I cannot see myself doing that]; it’s quite inspirational. This post gave me a good people feeling, if you get what I mean.

    1. Thank you Pallavi. Of course I got it 😉 I hope you can. All you need to do is losen yourself a little. It happens. Thank you for stopping by <3

  7. I really think we might be the same person…lol. I’m deciding where in Italy to go next summer and I’ve been researching Puglia in addition to some other places. It will be my mother’s 70th birthday, and she wants to go to Italy. Your posts have been really helpful. And your pics are great! We are thinking of Puglia, Sicily, or the Amalfi Coast.

    1. That’s wonderful! 70th in Italy, how fancy 😉 Yes we might be the same people. ROFL 😛
      I am glad I can help you. Please visit Polignano and stay in the town for a couple of days. Stay tuned for more posts on Sicily too.

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