More Charming Italian Words that I Love

I have been learning Italian for about a year now and over the course of time I have not only studied some amazing words but also loved them. Many of my random favorite words were initially part of this post few months ago. Today I have another list for you and also a fix on learning a new language.

Nebbia: fog
Ringraziare: thank/acknowledge
Sforzarsi: Just as you struggle to pronounce it, I struggle too. The meaning of the word is struggle or endeavour.
Pochino: a tiny bit. I find this word very cute somehow.

Capolavoro: masterpiece
Zanzara: mosquito
Meraviglioso: marvelous


Soprattutto: above all/mostly
Boh: I don’t know/care
Attraversare: to cross
Tantissimo: very much



PS: Please excuse for any spelling errors in this post.

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114 thoughts on “More Charming Italian Words that I Love

  1. I like ‘pomodoro’. I’ve also picked up a couple of Italian cuss-words, which I sometimes use, because they sound much more expressive than English ones.

          1. No problem! 🙂 It’s so interesting to read how you notice all this differences, I’m so used to say them that I don’t even think about that they actually sound weird hahaha

          2. Hahaha, it is a big thing here for me. I have to go deep into every word to see how it is pronounced. I am sure you will feel the same if you learn Hindi and I correct you 😉

  2. Love the way how you pick the words that you love and lay them out for us. 🙂 And let’s not forget Bah! It’s when you’re rather desperate. But it never lasts. How could it… in this land when everybody wears such a smile, even policemen.

  3. I love learning how people from other countries sees Italy and us Italians, and it’s so funny to see the words that impressed you! If you have any questions or curiosity about Italy feel free to contact me, it would be a pleasure to help you out 😀
    Bravissima,a presto!

    1. Grazie mille, cara. I am sure you don’t understand it fully the way we feel attracted to your race and country 🙂 😉 Thank you so much for extending that hand of help. it means a lot. I will bug you 😉

      1. No, i think I can’t actually understand it but I love my language and it makes me feel happy inside to know that foreigner people love it too, even if I know it is very difficult to learn Italian. We have a lot of words and verbs, it’s messy ahah
        I’ll leave you a few “not so used words” that I like a lot:
        – Bislacco: it’s an adjective used to refer to someone “weird”, “funny”.
        -Soffice: it’s an adjective, it means “soft”, “fluffy”. For example a pillow or a peluche.
        – Marasma: it means confusion, mess.

        1. Such beautiful words, Sara! Thank you. I know it is not easy and I am trying my luck at learning. Where do you stay in Italy? maybe next time we can meet up when I come? PS- I am horrible at speaking the language. better at reading/writing.

          1. I think you are very brave to try! I live in Novara, a city between Milano and Torino. Meeting up would be awesome! Have you planned a journey here in Italy, already?
            Don’t worry, I’m not that good with english and I’m awful at deutch, I completely understand your troubles 😉

          2. Your english is fantastic. I can feel it! And yes we can both try to converse 😉 I have travelled to Italy a couple of times and already feel like I belong there. Its so beautiful. Haven’t seen Torino yet. Its on my list. I am going to check out Novara.

          3. That’s amazing, Italy will be happy to welcome you anytime you want. Where have you been?? Have you already visited the southern part?
            I prefer Torino to Milano because of the atmosphere, the history, the beautiful palaces… <3 Totally recommanded.

          4. Thank you. That means the world. I have been in North and South both. Trieste, Milano, Firenze, Perugia, Siena, Venice, Lecce, Polignano, Modica, Ragusa, Palermo, Roma…!! Check my blog for more 😉 I have heard a lot about Torino and it is high on my list of places to be visited.

  4. One of my favorite words is “allora.” I took my daughter and son to Italy. They did not want to learn Italian before they went. But, finally, after hearing “allora” practically every day, my daughter broke down and asked me what it meant. It is really just a “filler” word people use when they need a moment to stop and think and means “now,” “now then,” “well then, “etc. I though it was funny that of all the words she could have chosen she chose this unimportant word, made important by everyday use.

  5. Oh, what a pleasant surprise when I read your post, Ishita. “Pochino” is a word my grandmother used all the time, and I haven’t heard it in years and years, since she’s been gone. She always used it to indicate a little bit, just a little bit. Thank you for bringing to mind a sweet memory! Love your blog.

    1. Aww that’s a precious memory. Grandmoms are special 🙂 I am glad I brought a lovely memory for you. Thank you for the appreciation.

  6. Great post – love when you are learning another language and there are words that make you smile. ‘Boh’ is one of those ridiculously useful words in Italian. I had no idea what it was when I moved here – but it’s used all the time. : ) Bravissima, Ishita!

    1. Grazie mille, cara. Boh is great 😉 N yes..I am trying. its not easy to learn Italian. I get confused and am unable to talk with confidence. I can write/read better I think because of the passive learning.. Someday I will be able to speak .. Let’s hope I can.Any suggestions?

  7. I nearly missed this great post Ishita. One day I should do a post of my fave Italian words but in the meantime I offer these- brio – a great word and something I always feel or sense in many Italian cities, and sgrassatore- a degreasing cleaning product that I like because I like to say this word, and decespugliatore elettrico, a brushcutter, because it takes longer to say the word than to do the cutting.

    1. Glad you found this post to read then 🙂 Wow. I haven’t heard these words. I am so grateful to you. Thank you! Any plans of Italy?

  8. This is lovely. Claudio Ranieri, Leicester City’s winning Italian manager, has been charming us in the UK with his philosophy. “They were tears not shed,” he said, on crying when seeing his travelling supporters. And, “If someone is disrespectful to me, and I did nothing wrong, then it’s not my fault”. It seems to be a nation created to defeat anxiety. If only I could live like that all the time here. Thank you. My favourite expressions, Ancora non so, still I don’t know, and Secondo me, of course.

      1. Yes, ‘in my opinion’. I meant to say, ‘and of course I like secondo me’. ‘Of course’ is ‘certo’. Any idea what ‘poco’ means? I hear it often, and I think it means, ‘see you later’, as in, ‘a little later’.

  9. Ohhhh this brings me back to Italy! Especially zanzare….Florence is rather swamped in zanzare haha. And “pochino, pochino!” The sweet nonna I lived with used to always say that and it was so cute 🙂 Thanks for the post! Italian is the greatest language 🙂

          1. Just use it as much as possible! See if you can find an Italian to be a conversation partner. They know their language best, after all!

  10. Nebbia and Zanzara are such beautiful lovely sounding words to describe fog and mosquito – which sound decidedly less exotic in English!!! This is why Italian is such a lovely language 🙂

  11. I hope you do more posts like this. I would love to improve my Italian, and singling out these beautiful words are such a great way to increase vocabulary. Capolavoro is a new word for me, love it!

    1. Thank you. I am made this post almost a 2 monthly thing but I thing now I will do it every month..glad you could enjoy and learn 🙂

  12. My favourite to use is “che animale!” To describe someone – always puts a smile on an Italians face. Other than that, “boh” is probably my most used word (:

    1. Ciao cara. I just read your email, unfortunately no plans of Italy in August but will keep you posted .. Glad you enjoyed! I love coso.

  13. My favourite word, because it’s so dramatic for a very calm animal, is tartaruga and high means turtle. I rarely get to use it but when I do it’s worth the effort I went to to fit it into a sentence

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