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Favorite TV Shows Based in Italy

I’ve been blogging for 4 years now but it took me a while to find my own voice and also understand what my audience wants. I realized no one wants to read my diary but posts packed with information to plan trips to Italy and offer inspiration and ideas. That is the reason why you […]

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Ispirazione: Of Dreams, Miracles and Sketching Tours

Drumrolls!! Let’s welcome Kelly Medfort of Sketching Rome Tours! Kelly is an artist who takes Sketching Tours in Rome. The concept of these tours is exactly how it sounds. It is a unique way of slowing down and enjoying travels with watercolors. No prior experience is required, you can simply book a tour and paint your way […]

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Ispirazione: Story of The Beehive in Rome

I met Linda of The Beehive in April 2016 after being online friends with her since a few years. Linda and her husband Steve run “The Beehive” in Rome – an environmental friendly hostel with a passion for community building. They use ecological goods and recycled paper in their hostel and support all things organic. […]

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Ispirazione: Learning Italian through Instagram

I have a very special guest on Italophilia! We have known each other for over a year and been in touch thanks to none other than Instagram!! Peeps, say hello to my friend Elfin Waters! A passionate Italophilie who hails from Gaeta in Lazio, Elfin lives in Cremona and teaches English and Italian at Italki.  Today, […]

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Learning Italian with Cinema- II

Its fun to share different ways to learn a new language and I am happy to say that watching movies has really helped improve my Italian. The last post on Cinema was useful to so many of you so here are some more movies to add to your kitty. Learning Italian has never been this fun! […]

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Learning Italian with Cinema- I

The past few months have been very great for me in terms of imbibing the Italian language and culture. I saw a lot of Italian movies during this time hence thought of compiling a post of the ones I really enjoyed. Though I am still shy and under confident to speak Italian, I immersed myself completely […]

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