Learning Italian with Cinema- III

Learning Italian has become a lot more fun ever since I started watching movies to pace my journey. I love listening and understanding new words in Italian and movies offer all of that and more.

I love how they also offer a peek on the local life, sitting at home in India. The way the locals speak, gesticulate and behave are the small nuances that no textbook can teach!

I have also branched to watching documentaries and English TV shows in Italian and that too has helped me take my Italian to a different level.

Although the process of learning Italian is lifelong, but it is pure joy…… mainly because I enjoy it!! I have no goals….No really! I don’t…. My only goal is to be able to speak more confidently (even if little) next time I am in Italy.

I fumble a lot and I also feel under confident talking to the locals. I want to improve here majorly. Of course I want to see myself being more fluent in the coming years, but I also know that putting any type of pressure on myself has never worked. So I’ll stick to what I love for now and might as well enjoy the journey as part of this amazing community of learning journey!

Here are 4 MOVIES and a Documentary that I think will help those who are learning Italian:

Pranzo di Ferragosto (2008)

You figured it out right. The story line of the movie centres around Ferragosto – an annual tradition and holiday in Italy that falls on Aug 15. The story is quite typical, a 40 something man in debt, staying with his mother. Obviously the mother is very demanding, entertaining and has a stereotypical role in the movie. But certain events lead them closer on the day of Ferragosto. Recommend you to watch for some laughs! Read Next: Learning Italian with Instagram

Learning Italian With Cinema (Image Credits: Imdb)

Le Fate Ignoranti (2001)

This movie has one of an exceptional actress- Margherita Buy. I think the main reason I watched it because she was in it. The story line revolves around her, a recent widow who discovers her husband was gay before his death. Things unfold and she ends up befriending the guy whom her husband slept with. The movie ends on a transforming note for her.

Learning Italian With Cinema (Image Credits: Wiki)

Generazione 1000 Euro (2009)

Watch this movie if you are in the mood for a light romance with a fun cast. I didn’t want to see a heavy and sad story, so I enjoyed it as a one time watch. The story of Generazione 1000 Euro starts with two friends who are living together and whose lives take a turn when another woman joins their marketing company. The woman also has a friend with her, so add two and two.

Learning Italian With Cinema (Image Credits: Imdb)

Palio (2015)

Siena hosts the Palio twice a year. But what is the Palio?? The oldest ever horse race in the world! This is a British documentary on this ancient race that is not only an eye opener but also a visual treat to know more this medieval horse race. By the end of it, you will realize, Palio is not a game but a way of life for the Sienese. Highly recommend!

Learning Italian With Cinema (Image Credits: Imdb)

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La Bella Addormentata nel Bosco (1959)

Yes, I saw half a century old movie and that too The Sleeping Beauty. But it was nostalgia at its best! I was literally living my childhood days in Italian 😉 Not only was the old school drama more fun but I also realized the things we believed back then!

Learning Italian With Cinema (Image Credits: pazziperilcinema.it)

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17 thoughts on “Learning Italian with Cinema- III

  1. I enjoy watching the Montalbano detective series.. though they use the Sicilian language every now & then.. love the characters and the Sicilian location scenes..

    1. I love it too!! I was reading the book “The Age of Doubt”… have you read it? I then saw the episode related to it. Its almost like watching a movie.

  2. Ishita, could you let us know if these movies play on American DVDs? I know some DVDs will only play on my computer, or not at all here in America. Or if we can find them on the internet.

    1. Well I wouldn’t know that since I don’t live in America;) I am sure you will find some of these from the Istituto Cultura in your city?? I found most of them online for streaming.

      1. Hi Ishita and Kathryn Occhipinti,
        I just read this post and I loved it.
        Ishita, you are doing a wonderful job for the Italian culture. Your love for it shows in every post.
        About Kathryn’s question, I have looked on Amazon Prime Video, and I have found “Mid-August lunch” , which is a really cute movie, and many movies by Ferzan Ozpetek, the director of “Le fate ignoranti” that you mention above. He is a truly wonderful director. Look up his name on Wikipedia, and you will find the English title to all his movies. A lot of them are on Prim Video to rent or to buy.
        Continua cosi”, Ishita, e grazie!

          1. Grazie a te, Ishita.
            Ho usato il tuo post sul cinema e quello sulle canzoni come metodo per imparare l’italiano. I miei studenti sono rimasti piacevolmente colpiti dalla tua capacita’ di imparare italiano con la sola forza di volonta’.
            Grazie per il tuo lavoro e per la tua gentilezza.


          2. Che gentile 🙂 Grazie cara Silvana specialmente per avermi contatta di nuovo e per condividere il mio post con i tuoi studenti!! Sono molte contenta che vi piacuti! (Scusa per gli erroi!)

  3. I so agree with everything you say about watching foreign films – in addition to the language acquisition benefits, such a wonderful window on the culture! And I must add that I love Pranzo di Ferragosto and it’s coming around to the time of year to watch it again. I liked it so much, I wrote a blogpost on it, so I hope you don’t mind my sharing the link for anyone wanting to know a bit more about this wonderful film: https://www.calabriatheotheritaly.com/mid-august-lunch/

    1. Of course not 🙂 I will link your post in my post too. Great idea!! The benefits are immense and I think people who do it, get a big applause from me. Its not so easy though but fun!

  4. Thanks for the recommendations! I hope that I can find some of these movies. I watched a super cute one on the plane…I’ll let you know if I remember the name…but it was about a software designer was trying to create an app, but was trying to get it crowdfunded. One night he got drunk and said he would make a porn with his girlfriend if they got a certain number of sponsors 😂 It was super cute & funny. I loved it.

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