Fairy Tale Alberobello in the Itria Valley

In my past posts you would have read about Gio and Francesco from Green Italy Tours  who very happily showed me around Puglia. One of the places I visited with them was the adorable little town of Alberobello.

Alberobello, Puglia

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 1996, Alberobello is in the Itria Valley of Puglia. The entire town is dotted with little cone shaped homes called “Trullo” (plural: Trulli) which makes it a popular tourist destination. Imagine thousands of trulli together!

Alberobello, Puglia

Piazza del Popolo, Alberobello

Alberobello, Puglia

Gelato shop in Alberobello

You might ask, but what is there to do in Alberobello?? Well nothing really and everything at the same time. The town itself is so unique that taking a walk is what I would suggest. The locals are warm and welcoming to help you for any query!


  1. See the Hobbit type homes and the many shops around.
  2. Visit the Museo del Territorio to know about 16th century Alberobello.
  3. See the Church of Sant Antonio.
  4. Stop for a lunch at Ristorante La Cantina and enjoy the Pugliese spread of burrata and fresh olives! Book in advance.
  5. Buy yourself a postcard of i trulli.





Church of Sant Antonio, Alberobello


Alberobello is an enchanting town. Imagine this is where people live and go about their normal life! I heard a couple fighting about the way lunch was made from inside a trullo. It wasn’t pleasant to the ears!! 😉 Have you been to Alberobello??

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59 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Alberobello in the Itria Valley

      1. I was just in Italy a few weeks ago and visited Venice, Rome , Sorrento and Florence. I loved it and will surely return to visit the other places. Thanks for asking 🙂

  1. I’ve never seen roofs that look like that! That looks like a really magical place. If I get the chance to go to Italy next summer during my Europe trip I’ll definitely try to go there!

      1. Yes we do. You’ll notice I updated the layout of your piece on my blog. I hope u don’t mind that I share your pieces. I think we are going to have to plan a trip to Italy at the same time. It would make for a great story!

    1. They are. The owner is very flexible, he will ask you your preferences and where you want to go and turn the day into so much fun!
      You must quote my name when you meet him 🙂

  2. How intriguing. As a child in Germany, I was familiar with trulli, which represented one type of cottage used by the people who protected the vineyards from birds before the harvest. I had no idea there was an entire village with these handsome buildings. I would love to vist Alberobello. Tanja

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