Castello di Montegiove- Umbria’s Best Kept Secret

If you are visiting Central Italy and looking for recommendations that are off the beaten track, then I’d suggest you to visit Castello di Montegiove in Montegiove in Umbria.

The 13th castle is owned and run by Lorenzo Misciattelli and his family since 4 centuries! Perched on a hill facing the stunning Apennine mountains,  the castle and its surroundings give the impression of being right out the pages of a medieval fantasy novel (Harry Potter for me).

The Misciattelli family are extremely passionate about their estate and also produce various varities of wine here. The main products being Umbrian Rosso and Orvietano Rosso. So visiting the castle has a double treat- not only do you get amazing views amongst all that history but you also have a glass of wine in your hand.

I was given a guided tour of the grounds and wine making facility by Lorenzo himself and it was fabulous learning the process of wine making.

I tasted the Orvietano Rosso– a fresh and fruity red wine, comparatively younger compared to others. Lorenzo’s lovely wife Rikki was also part of the tour and we spoke of India and Italy and her passion for the land.

Castello di Montegiove
Castello di Montegiove
Castello di Montegiove
Castello di Montegiove
Castello di Montegiove
Castello di Montegiove
Castello di Montegiove from afar

The couple have created two beautiful and luxurious apartments around the premises and were kind enough to give me a tour. I could totally picture myself there on my next Italian holiday, olive mills and vineyards galore!

Thanks to both of them I learnt so much more about Umbria’s history too.

It is commendable how the Italians treasure their heritage and take pride in showing it. Grazie mille Lorenzo and Rikki for your hospitality and warmth. It is an honour for me to be your first guest from India!

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How to Reach:

Best way to reach Castello di Montegiove is by car. It is only a 50 minutes drive from major towns such as Perugia and Orvieto. There is no train station here but for more information drop an email to Lorenzo here- website. 

To see more images of the castle grounds and facilities check here.


19 thoughts on “Castello di Montegiove- Umbria’s Best Kept Secret

    1. Yes we can stay 🙂 Its not inside the castle but just below. Very pretty apartments too. Check the slide link at the end! thank you!

  1. I visited Orvietto for the first time this visit and loved it – I must say, I have fallen in love with Umbria also, you will have to wait till I am back for any posts from me – but I have found a real gem, that I know you will want to visit – watch this space
    Ciao Lindy xx

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