Palermo: An Introduction to the Sicily You Don't Know

“To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.”- Goethe

My contact with VisitPalermo -a team of enthusiastic locals from Palermo who promote tourism in their city triggered my trip to Sicily. Founder and Owner, Maurizio Giambalvo, told me to make that Sicilian vacation and I thought I definitely should see this part of Italy.

Maurizio’s two companies VisitPalermo and VisitSicily are everything you dream of a Sicilian vacation. They have day tours, cooking courses, workshops, recommendations, adventure activities, cultural visits etc. I knew I was in the best hands for my Sicilian trip.

Since it was April, Palermo was not as warm as I expected. I was staying in an apartment in the centre of the city, a mere 7 minute walking from Piazza Politeama and Teatro Massimo- two of the main places of interests. My duplex apartment had a kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a balcony. It was five nights of bliss that I had in Palermo and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Visit Palermo
Visit Palermo


Visit Palermo
Piazza Politeama

Teatro Massimo
Palermo was such an experience! It is a city like no other in Italy. Ruled by the Normans, Romans, Byzantines, Spanish and the Arabs, it has had a troubled past and an amazing history! It’s unique architecture- gothic, baroque, Arabic, Norman all entwined in one, will leave you in awe!

I found Palermo to be very much like India – chaotic and beautiful at the same time especially with its multi cultural heritage. It is also very raw.

Visit Palermo
Visit Palermo
Visit Palermo
Love these stands at every corner- much like India
Church of San Domeni

Palermo is a city that needs to be seen! Yet at the same time I feel it is not for everyone because it is everything you don’t imagine an Italian city to be. It is crazy, beautiful, wounded, colorful and magnificent. It is the Sicily you don’t know!
But be brave and make a visit to this wondrous city to see it for yourself!
Have you read these books based in Sicily??

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51 thoughts on “Palermo: An Introduction to the Sicily You Don't Know

  1. Did you go to the Vucciria Market? So good and all those wildly decorated churches. I loved Palermo. I think we may have stayed in the same room as you, it looks so familiar.

      1. Ha ha..glad I made your evening 🙂 Yes, hoping to visit next year. In the meantime, making a few trips here in the US – 1 knee is good, 2nd is on the mend. Hope you are well too – but then, how can you not be well when you are in Bella Italia right? Stay cool 🙂 🙂

        1. I am glad you are better 🙂 Where are you off to? I am currently in India. I went to Italy in April. I hope to go again soon! Stay cool yourself 🙂

          1. Thanks 😚
            I am going to Santa Barbara and San Diego, 2 months. I was in Boston, MA and New Haven, CT last month. I hope you get to return soon , I envy you and those that are able to travel to Italia so often. I must live vicariously through you all.

          2. Wow that is a lot of travel list! Super! I know I think life is short and we must do what is possible. even when it looks impossible 🙂 I hope you love the next post too.

  2. Ha, ha! “Much like India” – well, I haven’t ever been to India, but I’ve been to Palermo, and I didn’t see any cows in the street. Of course, my only vision of India is through friends’ photos and films, but I do understand the chaos you’re referring to, although you managed to snap a nice bunch of very orderly photos!

    1. Yes since I am Indian I know cows in the street are not everywhere 😉 And also it is chaotic and beautiful just like my country. There is order in the historic side of Palermo but otherwise it is crazy! 😉

      1. Yes, I was in Palermo on New Year’s Eve a number of years ago. People were letting fireworks off in the streets all day and then at night it sounded like a war zone. The explosions lasted for hours. Crazy scary!

  3. Love your pictures and the way you really captured the heart of Palermo. It is chaotic on the outside. But so much beauty on the inside. The most stunning works of art are all in the interior of the churches, and there are so many of them. One after another, so spectacular!

    1. Thank you Stella 🙂 I haven’t got the chance to see all of them but loved what I saw in those 5 days. Great city indeed, over shadowed by places like Taormina though.

      1. Unfortunately won’t be anytime soon, but saving my pennies. In the meantime I’ll concentrate on writing fiction about Italy. I’ve one novella, set in northern Italy, under my belt and am in the final stages of a novel set in Rome and Tuscany.
        And of course reading blogs like yours!

        1. Wow that is so impressive! Please let me know when those are out? N thank you I feel fortunate to have met people like yourselves through this blog 🙂

  4. My novella, Juliet’s Journey, is available now as an ebook — let me know if you’d like a copy, happy to email one for download. The novel is called Keira in Rome: I will let you know but fear it’s a long way off just yet!

  5. Nice one..I am originally from Sicily, and I relocated to this sacred land last year. You may like what I write about it in my new blog. It is in Italian…

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