What to Eat in Sicily Under €5

Sicilian food under €5?? Now that makes an enticing read! In Sicily, specifically, there’s a lot you can eat under €5 and the possibilities are delicious and unique to the region. If you are on a budget, Sicilian street food is the best because not only is it filling but also yumm! You can find it on every corner whether you are in a big city like Palermo or a smaller town like Ragusa.

What to Eat in Sicily for Under €5

  1. Cannolo: How can you travel to Sicily and not eat a Cannolo (plural = cannoli)! It’s blasphemy! I can’t even begin to describe this delicious fried treat. It’s usually filled with ricotta and is supposed to be thin and crisp! A fresh cannolo is the stuff dreams are made of….My favorite though isn’t the one filled with ricotta but a chocolate filled cannolo I once ate at Caffe dell`Arte in Modica. Every city in Sicily claims to be making the best cannolo, so decide which one’s your favorite!

COST: A cannolo usually costs between €1.5-2.5, depending on the size.

What to Eat in Sicily Under €5
What to Eat in Sicily Under €5

2. Brioche con Gelato: Quite simply an ice cream sandwich for many but please god oh god don’t confuse ice cream and gelato! A brioche with gelato is a Sicilian breakfast option for many and when I was in Palermo, I too picked these for breakfast! I couldn’t help but marvel at the number of options of gelato and variety of toppings for the brioche. But instead of getting confused, I simply ordered two flavors of gelato and added colored gems on top. Doesn’t my brioche con gelato look extremely pretty??

COST: The brioche bun costs €3,5 while a scoop of gelato costs between €2-2,5.

What to Eat in Sicily Under €5:
What to Eat in Sicily Under €5:
What to Eat in Sicily Under €5:
What to Eat in Sicily Under €5:

3. Panelle: The mouth watering panelle is a popular option when it comes to Sicilian street food. It births from the Arabs who ruled over the island of Sicily for more than 150 years. Panelle are chickpea fritters that are usually stuffed between bread and eaten as a quick snack or an appetizer at home. These are available everywhere in Sicily.

COST: Panelle cost between €2-2,5. It could be cheaper than this too!

What to Eat in Sicily Under €5

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4. Arancina/o: Another delicious snack in Sicily under €5 is the fried rice ball called arancina/o. I don’t know whether to call it an arancino or arancina because Eastern and Western Sicily are divided in thought. So I’m using both. These conical shaped rice balls are filled with ragu`and mozzarella and other delicacies that make them the most common of all Sicilian household items!

COST: Somewhere at €1 depending on where you get them from!

What to Eat in Sicily Under €5
What to Eat in Sicily Under €5

5. Sfincione: A rectangular pizza with a thick crust of tomato sauce, oregano, breadcrumbs and caviocavollo cheese, sfincione is widely found in the streets of Palermo. It’s so easy to fill your stomach with this pizza and you wouldn’t mind your fingers being greasy afterwards.

COST: It is usually priced between €1 and €2.

What to Eat in Sicily Under €5

6. Granita: Who doesn’t like an icy slush?? Sicilian granitas are famous all across Italy. I’ve tried several flavors but my favorite was peppermint. It is best to sit down and enjoy this cold treat!

COST: Depending on how and where you eat, granita costs around €3-4.

What to Eat in Sicily Under €5

7. Polara Antica Ricetta Soft Drink: These Sicilian cold drinks are unique and tasty. The 1953 brand reminds of a time gone by and the flavors give a sense of high. There’s so much to choose from these vintage beauties but I highly recommend the Mandarino and Chinotto flavors.

COST: These cost anywhere between €1,80 and €2,50.

What to Eat in Sicily Under €5

What else can you eat??

Don’t forget the staples- a cappuccino or a caffe` with a pastry/cornetto or simply a glass of wine/spritz during the aperitivo hours.

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If you are traveling for a longer duration of time, you need to be mindful of where your money is going. I always bookmark links and places that can be useful for budget eats. If you loved this post, bookmark it and share it with your friends and fellow travelers! Note: Prices could vary from time to time. These are my recordings and observations from 2016.

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  1. Thanks for your post, some great ideas for yummy, inexpensive nibbles. I’m going to Sardinia in a few months and will have to remember to do some similar “research.” 😊

  2. Well, now I’m starving! And I’m going to have to return to Modica to try the chocolate in the cannolo. I can only just imagine that crisp shell with the rich chocolate inside… Good call!

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