La Scarzuola: An Umbrian Hub of Mystery & Eccentricity

Located in the Montegabbione commune of Umbria, La Scarzuola is a Franciscan convent made by a Milanese architect- Tomaso Buzzi. It consists of 7 theaters:

-Theatre of Apollo

-Theatre of Diana

-Theatre of Bees

-Theatre of the Ideal City

-Theatre of the Big Lawn


-Tower of the Babble

La Scarzuola: Citta Ideale

Buzzi bought La Scarzuola in 1957 and began restoring it to create an “Ideal City” (Città Ideale). The complex is nothing but a result of a series of hundreds of sketches that have been made to be such. The place has been built and rebuilt several times.

La Scarzuola: The entrance

But what is an Ideal City?? I wonder.

Buzzi wanted to create a city that shows the ideal path of life to each individual. For me, it was unusual, quirky, imaginative and hard to understand. The place is strange and unlike anything I have seen in all of Italy. And that is saying something.

La Scarzuola
La Scarzuola
La Scarzuola: Brian

Brian, an Australian who settled in La Scarzuola since the past 20 years, told how after Buzzi’s passing in 1981, he and Buzzi’s nephew Marco Solari refurbished the gardens.


La Scarzuola
La Scarzuola: Tower of the Babble

The legacy lives on even though the whole complex is very complicated and difficult to find all 7 theatres by yourself. That being said, it is worth visiting once!!

La Scarzuola
La Scarzuola
La Scarzuola
La Scarzuola
La Scarzuola: Eeriness
La Scarzuola

How to Reach La Scarzuola:
La Scarzuola can only be reached by car. There are guided tours in English and Italian fr €10. I suggest you to email La Scarzuola from the link given on their website. (As of Dec 2019, please check current rates)


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46 thoughts on “La Scarzuola: An Umbrian Hub of Mystery & Eccentricity

  1. I have never heard of this place! Fantastic suggestion for tourists. Might be a good place when traveling with kids? Looks like a place they could enjoy and run around a bit. I the bigger cities I always need to have my daughter within arm’s length!

  2. Great post Ishita! “Città Ideale” reminds me of Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval from France.. I guess lots of people looking for the perfect place in this world:) Nice place, looks quite romantic in the gardens..

    1. I’m going to check this place from France 😀 you are right. This was his ideal place but I wish it was complete. Yes the Umbrian countryside is stunning

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