Missing Italy?? Watch these 5 Movies

Missing Italy?? Need a quick fix?? Be prepared for some armchair travel to Italy with this post! I did not want to make a big a list and confuse you so here are 5 movies to watch if you’re missing Italy. Do let me know how you like them!

Missing Italy?? Watch these 5 Movies

1. Call Me by Your Name

A love story set in the 80s, Call Me by Your Name is a film that evokes nostalgia like no other. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the movie follows the story of Elio and Oliver’s love. The two are also discovering parts of themselves in the process and that ripening part is shown beautifully. For the sake of no spoilers, I will not elaborate further but I highly recommend you to watch it!

Why should you watch the film??

For evocative backdrops, eroticism and a local Italian vibe.

Where is the film shot??

In the tiny Northern Italian town of Crema. On my list too!

Missing Italy?? Watch these 5 Movies
Credits- The New Yorker

2. To Rome with Love

Oh what I wouldn’t give to experience this film again. If you’re a fan of Woody Allen movies (I specifically write movies here), you’ll devour this masterpiece on Rome!

To Rome with Love is a love letter to the Eternal City. It is a poem about Rome in spring and summer with 4 different plotlines that are entwined to one. All in all, the perfect way to show drama and Roma together!

Why should you watch the film??

Magic realism coupled with a great cast!

Where is the film shot??

In all of Rome’s most picturesque streets. Via Margutta, Piazza Venezia, Via Garibaldi, Fontana di Trevi, Via Terni, Caffe` della Pace are some of the popular spots.

The film was originally titled Bop Decameron!

Watch To Rome with love- a movie set in Rome, Italy
Credits- Netflix

3. Benvenuti al Sud

If you want to get a taste of the North South divide of Italy, watch this hilarious movie! Benvenuti al Sud (Welcome to the South) is a film set in Campania and follows the story of a North Italian stuck as a postmaster in Castellabate. The film has a great cast that really gets the biases between the two sides of Italy. Additionally, Benvenuti al Sud is also fun to watch because it is a light drama.

Why should you watch the film??

The film is witty and fun, set amid breathtaking backdrops.

Where is the film shot??

Castellabate in the province of Salerno.

Watch Benvenuti al Sud-  a movie set in South Italy.
Credits- IMDB

The film was followed by a sequel called Benvenuti al Nord!

4. Leopardi (Italian-Il Giovane Favoloso)

Leopardi is a film on the life of Giacomo Leopardi- the Italian poet from Recanati in Le Marche. A period drama set in the 18th century, the film is not only captivating but also very romantic. Furthermore, if you’re missing Italy, what better film to watch than one that encapsulates the ancient times! Leopardi is directed by Mario Martone of L’amore molesto fame.

Why should you watch the film??

Leopardi is a cinematic experience like no other. Watch it for the stunning costumes and palazzi.

Where is the film shot??

The film is set in Recanati and parts of Florence, Rome and Naples.

Missing Italy?? Watch Leopardi based on the life of Giacomo Leopardi
Credits- IMDB

5. La Ragazza nella Nebbia

Based on the book of the same name by Donato Carrisi, La Ragazza nella Nebbia is a psychological thriller set in a fictional town of North Italy. The movie follows the story of the disappearance of a 16 year old girl.

La Ragazza nella Nebbia has a weak storyline but is a pleasure to watch because of the locations such as Grand Hotel Carezza and actors like Toni Servillo!

Why should you watch the film??

Did I mention Toni Servillo??!

Where is the film shot??

The film has shot between Merano and Carezza in Alto Adige.

Missing Italy?? Watch La ragazza nella nebbia
Credits: Netflix
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Over to you, how many of these films have you seen?? Comment below!

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