An Opulent Breakfast in Budapest's New York Cafe

A touch of splendor and air of grandeur- that is how I can explain my time in the most beautiful cafe of the world! Say hello to the New York Cafe in Budapest! This cafe is located in the Boscolo group of Hotels in Budapest which happens to be an Italian chain. It is a treat to walk in and see the baroque splendor and Venetian chandeliers along with gold paintings, marble tiles, silk cushions, hand painted walls and velvet upholstery!! The New Cafe in Budapest oozes charm and class and reminded me of a time long gone by.


Budapest’s New York Cafe
Budapest’s New York Cafe
Budapest’s New York Cafe

I had breakfast there on my first morning in the city and was so impressed. Taking a seat on the ground floor by the window, I was smitten with its interiors. No photograph can explain the beauty of it.
Coming to the food, I would say I had little expectations from it which is why I chose slightly less riskier options. However, I was impressed in that department too. It was fresh and tasty. I ordered fresh juice, coffee, toast and Hungarian sausages with horse raddish and salad. Later I also had a pastry which wasn’t photographed. Did I say I was having breakfast?? Well …No… it was definitely lunch for me!!;)

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Budapest’s New York Cafe
Budapest’s New York Cafe
Budapest’s New York Cafe

Sitting and marvelling at the interiors was a great experience. I was mostly ogling at the ceiling and met two girls from China doing the same. I clicked at least 25 pictures for them and returned to my table as my coffee was getting cold. But fun day!! Had I been in a more touristy place such as Vienna or Venice I would have definitely spent a bomb but thanks to the comparatively cheaper prices in Eastern Europe it wasn’t even half of what I expected! Next time I definitely want to go there late at night because the place is open till 3 a.m. Cocktail time!

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Budapest’s New York Cafe


40 thoughts on “An Opulent Breakfast in Budapest's New York Cafe

  1. Good for you Ishita 🙂 I just gawked at the cafe from the outside one evening in Budapest because I was quite full from the afternoon. I mean there is only that much my tummy can support me. It does a lot of that. The cafe is stunning. Took me back to another world too.

      1. I was like a child in a candy store, only such a beauteous one 😉 I wonder if anyone has ever called the New York Cafe beauteous 😀 Grand, yes. But anyway, blabbering apart, I did miss out on sitting inside and I am glad I got a feel of it through your post. Cheers.

          1. When I visit it again, I have a whole lot to do. It was so cold that my feet would freeze into wooden blocks even though I wore fur-lined boots. Which is why I was eating and drinking the whole day long and so New York Cafe had to be missed! Vicious cycle, I tell you. I do not however mind living up the vicarious pleasures of life through others. So yes, you helped 🙂

          2. Be armed with shots of vodka for every few steps you take in winter then. Even the warmest of clothes do not do anything from the bones going numb. But yes, the Christmas markets are so very lovely.

  2. This looks a lovely place, missed it on our visit last April but spending Christmas in Budapest this you so it’s top of our family list now!

      1. I suppose it’s amazing everywhere because of Christmas culture etc. Last few years we have spent Christmas in Lanzarote twice on the beach, Brussels, and Alfaix in Southern Spain.

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