Szabó Ervin Library: Every Reader's Dream

I often criticized for traveling to Italy too often (why do they care??) but also judged for traveling too much (like that’s a thing??). For instance, when I was in Budapest, my friend recommended me to visit Szabó Ervin Library- a gorgeous INSTAGRAM-ABLE library in the heart of Budapest.

Szabó Ervin Library

The Metropolitan Szabó Ervin Library was a great find. To tell you the truth, my love for this library grew after seeing a picture of it on Instagram. YEAH!! I instantly felt the need to visit and was dreaming of it before my trip. It seriously reminded me of a movie I had seen. Possibly the library shown in Harry Potter….
Situated in the heart of the city, Szabó Ervin is a 10 minutes walk from the tram stop and has no admission charge. (Go there before you have to pay forints to see it!!)

Named after a Hungarian librarian and social scientist, this library is a welcome change away from the city rush and is definitely a baroque treat.

Szabó Ervin Library

There are two sections to the library but all you have to visit is the baroque section called the Wenckheim Palace. This section is antique and consists of countless array of books in Hungarian and other languages. Excuse me for my pictures but I hope you get the drift of what I am intending to show!

Szabó Ervin Library
Szabó Ervin Library
Szabó Ervin Library

As you can see, the library of Budapest has rooms with ornate furniture and perfect upholstery! It almost seems as if you have entered a castle. There are chandeliers and fireplaces that give an inkling to get a warm cup of cocoa and sit by the fire.

It is like a scene from the Gryiffndor Common Room!

You might observe when you are there how students go about their day as normally as possible (just like in Hogwarts) without realizing where they are. I, on the other hand, was gawking!

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Szabó Ervin Library
Szabó Ervin Library
Szabó Ervin Library
Szabó Ervin Library
Szabó Ervin Library
Szabó Ervin Library

It was surreal! Don’t you think so too??

Imagine this place in the wee hours or probably on a rainy day…. I would love to keep going and sit and read to my heart’s content. If you are a book lover, this library in Budapest should be on your list!


Weekdays: 10:00 to 20:00
Saturday: 10:00 to 16:00.
Closed Sundays

Szabó Ervin tér 1, 1088, Budapest


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44 thoughts on “Szabó Ervin Library: Every Reader's Dream

  1. It is exquisite. Even the street to get to it is gorgeous. That would be a beautiful stressfree day from our usual busy travel days

  2. Beautiful – just beautiful. If we ever visited Budapest this is the right place for JS – I just leave him there, go out and do what I want to do etc., come back in the evening and, yes, you guest it, he would still be there, in his kind of “heaven” – and now I would join him, too. This has always happened in every city around the world…and hopefully it will continue. Thanks for showing all this to us.

  3. We are alternately proud of and disgusted by our Habsburg past over here. Proud, because we can show it off (and it brought us culture), disgusted because – once again – we were conquered. Most of us are still trying to reconcile our Mongolian warrior roots with a more sedentary European lifestyle. Is also why we will either treat you like royalty, or make you feel like scum. 😀 And complain about doing it. 😉
    Seriously though. Really happy you liked it here. I consider both Budapest and Paris to be Home, which says a lot about the magic and beauty of Budapest.

    1. I understand your sentiments. My nation was ruled too and I know that feeling. It stays. But can’t complain about what’s done. I love your city and you should be proud to be there and in Paris.

      1. Now I have to ask where you’re from. 😀 Answer optional, or in pm. It’s kind of weird to be part of both ruler and subject, so I guess it gives me the license to be as unbalanced as can be. 😀 Most of my friends here hate Austria and Turkey equally. I’m ok with Austrians, except they’d always stop me at the border, and I only carry a French passport, same story, no matter where I came from or traveled to. Turkey is a place I still haven’t visited, despite having friends from there, but I’d love to go. Always bonded with the people from there. Ditto most Brits. And Italians.

        1. I’m from India and there is nothing to hide about it. It’s written on my About page too. The bondings happen with me too across cultures. I loved Slovenians too as a friendly group. Italians are the friendliest that I’ve met so far

          1. My phone is possessed and either won’t let me find what I’m looking for, or decides not to show me half the things I should be seeing. Your about page didn’t even show up. 🙄
            I have a feeling I was in Slovenia when I was really little, so all I remember is this path we were in with these little figures on the side, as though someone had decided to recreate Grimm’s fairy tales. Every time I see pictures from there it looks like a fairy tale. India is another place I would love to visit, since I have friends from there, and visiting your friends always makes it better. Though I love just going on my own, too. And I absolutely agree with you, Italian hospitality is out of this world.

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