Muggia- A Precious Italian Port Town in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Muggia is an Italian port-town in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Overlooking the Bay of Muggia, it is the last of the Istrian towns. Muggia is extremely picturesque and devoid of tourists. It also makes a great day trip from Trieste.


    1. Admire Muggia’s architecture which is highly influenced by the Venetians. In Piazza Macroni is a statue of a winged lion that is a symbol of Venice since centuries. The piazza also houses the main church or Duomo dedicated to Saint John and Paul.
    2. Take a walk around the piazza and grab an espresso at any of the Bars.
    3. Move further towards the port and see the fishermen at work
    4. Visit Castello di Muggia, now a private property that can be visited on advance booking.
    5. Have a glass of Friulian wine and watch locals go by their business.
    6. Support a local business and buy something.
Duomo di Muggia
Muggia Centro Storico
Muggia Centro Storico
Castello di Muggia

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Mugggia from Castello di Muggia

Muggia is a mesmerizing town! I had an inkling to book a night in Muggia that day. Sadly due to lack of time, I could only make it a short day trip.

Rooftops of Muggia
Fiat 500 that inspires all cuteness

How to reach Muggia:

Muggia can be reached by Bus 20 from Trieste. If you happen to be in Muggia in March, don’t forget to attend its annual carnival.



15 thoughts on “Muggia- A Precious Italian Port Town in Friuli Venezia Giulia

  1. Delightful I sure like the sound of Muggia especially the lack of tourists. I know, I am one also but I like to avoid the masses.

    1. Thank you Avinash 🙂 Almost every town has carnivals, festivals and religious processions. Its fascinating. There is always something going on.. Lot of comradeship <3

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