Most Instagram-able Spots in Rome

Every month, any blogger/vlogger who loves Italy or is Italian or simply wants to share their memories of Italy, writes on a particular topic as part of the linkup of #DolceVitaBloggers. This month’s topic is “Favorite Italian City” and needless to say mine is Rome. So here I am sharing about my favorite Instagram-able spots in […]

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Ispirazione: Smitten with A Merry Feast

Heather Carlson and I connected over our mutual Italy love many years ago and have been in touch through emails and Instagram messages. Heather and her family lived in Italy for about 3 years until 2015 before returning to their home in Idaho. Her life move and Italy story is real and fascinating and even […]

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In the past 3-4 years of blogging and social media, I have fostered many online friendships. Some of them have turned into real life meetings in Italy/India and that is a testament to the amazing journey that blogging has given me. Improving online relationships and getting to know my followers/friends has been a lot of […]

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Ispirazione: Learning Italian through Instagram

Today on Italophilia, I’m very proud to welcome my online friend Elfin Waters! A passionate Italian who hails from Gaeta, Elfin is the owner of “All About Italian” through which she creates Language Retreats for learners of Italian. She is also the co-owner of the podcast “Con Parole Nostre”. Being a teacher by professioner, Elfin’s […]

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Szabó Ervin Library: Every Reader's Dream

Every person has a different traveling style and we should respect that. I’ve honestly learnt this in this in the past 2 years more than ever. Not only am I often criticized by people for traveling to Italy too often (why do they care??) but also judged for traveling too much (like that’s a thing??). […]

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