Review of La Passione: How Italy Seduced the World

I was overjoyed when I received a copy of Dianne Hales “La Passione(The Passion) last month. Dianne is the author of my favorite Italian language blogs. Ever since I started studying the Italian language, I have been an avid lover of her posts and her book “La Bella Lingua“. I even added to my Favorite Italy reads. Dianne’s new book “La Passione” is a book about Italian passion!! She captures the true spirit of Italy and describes different ways in which “La Passione” drives this amazing country.

Review of La Passione: How Italy Seduced the World

La Passione: How Italy Seduced the World

Dianne Hales takes you on a journey in Italy and shares several vignettes where Italians have shaped the world through their passion.

If you need a little historical background, there are stories about the Romans and Etruscans and Literature and Poets. Then she moves to different examples where passion has shaped great Italian Art and Food. The author then talks of cars shoe makers, olive oils, ruins, vineyards…

Everything has been shaped by THE PASSION!

The book is divided into several chapters but my favorite isFatto a Mano (Made by hand) where the author discusses things done by hand.

For instance, she talks of the lace making tradition of Burano and the pottery making in the town of Deruta.

She also shares about details we might never have known, for instance parts of Piemonte was poor for years and didn’t have electricity and water until the 20th century!

This book is amazingly well researched and the way every little detail of La Passione is described, is commendable. I’m quite sure even the locals would find a lot of new things in this book.

This book is not a nerdy historic account of Italy but a beautiful re-telling of facts that you can savour with your morning coffee. You can pick a chapter and move on with another book and come back again to the next chapter after a few days.

La Passione is an investment for anyone wanting to take a deeper plunge into the Italian way of living and culture.

The author’s passion for Italian shines through in every word. La passione is a beautiful journey of Il Bel Paese (The Beautiful Country) …After all this country is shaped by passion.

“So are you done with Italy??” asked a man at one of my readings.

“God, no!” The very notion seemed unthinkable and impossible!

Italy wasn’t done with me.

Italy isn’t done with me either.

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13 thoughts on “Review of La Passione: How Italy Seduced the World

  1. Thanks for bringing this nook to my attention through your excellent review. I have now ordered it!

  2. … maybe not passion abstracted, but the allowance of its expression, deeply intwined in the language, verbal and non, dialects and form of humor. (ie, only a german could have composed tristan and isolde, a sort of oh-so-serious fatality of passion, which in italy instead becomes an almost comic or melodramatic, often elegant, removed fatalism.)

  3. Taking your recommendation of this delightful book, coupled with my passion for Italia too, a copy of Dianne’s book arrived today. I look forward to immersing in her endeavours to bring it all to life. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much James. Dianne is such a passionate lady and her book is filled with that wonder and passion. Happy you liked my recommendation.

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