How to Make Coffee in a Moka Pot

My love affair with the moka pot began 5 years back when in an Italian supermarket, among a row of ladles and utensils, a gleaming red Bialetti called out to me! It was terribly tiny and served coffee for just one! But to me it was the perfect gift for €10 and I was chuffed because […]

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From India to Italy: Culture Shocks!

Everyone has shock moments traveling to a new country. I had my fair share of culture shock moments traveling from India in Italy. I love Italy..I absolutely do….. but I too have to say I still have a lot of WTF moments in Italy. There were some things that I could not understand, some things I […]

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Lunch with a view at Aroma Restaurant, Rome

I had a surreal lunch at Aroma Restaurant in Palazzo Manfredi, Rome. Surreal because this restaurant is right opposite the Colosseum!! What a spot for anyone looking to have a meal with a view! If you are looking for a place to have a meal in Rome, visit Aroma Restaurant, Rome! Chef Giuseppe di Ioro and […]

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