Murano: The Island With the Glass Making

Whenever I think of Veneto, the first place that comes to my mind is Venice. With Venice comes its narrow alleys and endless number of bridges, handsome gondoliers, romantic canals and stunning piazzas. Another thing that comes to mind with it are the islands that complete the Venetian lagoon. The islands of Murano and Burano.

Murano is one such charming island which I happened to visit twice. Famous for its glass making, Murano is an easy vaporetto ride from Venice. While I won’t bore you with history, I should tell you how fun it is to see glass being made in front of you. There are no tours required here, its free of charge, all you have to do is reach Murano 😉

From the vaporetto

Once in Murano, find a glass making factory (there are quite a few) and enjoy the experience. I was astounded by the patience and friendliness of the glass makers. The factory that I entered had a small workshop with a huge showroom next door. After seeing the glass making process (check the horse below) I whiled away some time in the nearby showroom.

A Horse Exquisitely Made

There were so many beautiful glass objects to buy- chandeliers, vases, souvenirs and jewellery.. Everything was great but very heavily priced as the Murano glass is very special, exquisite therefore expensive.


Glass bead jewellery

I enjoyed the experience in all and later walked around the quaint island where the locals were going for their caffe.



Love the detailing

Have you been to Murano? I highly recommend reading these books before you travel.

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30 thoughts on “Murano: The Island With the Glass Making

  1. We have … and our advice … or rather, that of a friendly hotel concierge … is, if you’re offered a ‘free ferry’ from the main island … don’t take it, for you’ll be taken to ‘a particular’ glassworks, rather than choose which one to visit.

  2. I love Murano too Ishita and have also enjoyed the experience of watching these talented artisans at work. Glad you were able to return to this fascinating place in the Venetian lagoon.

  3. I have also experienced the glass making in Murano Ishita, and yes it is an amazing experience. It is such a lovely little village, with fabulous little houses and great little cafes. It is such a pleasure to spend a day there.

  4. Love the glass jewelry! You know I have never been to Murano OR Burano….such a shame because I have spent a lot of time in Venice. Something to do for next time!

  5. My fiancée and I got the hard sell on a giant glass yacht. It was beautiful but the €8000 price tag was a little out of or price range. Did you also visit Burano? Wonderful colourful houses

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