Iva’s Yummy “Ljubljananjam” Food Walk

Before I retell the cold rainy day in Ljubljana when I took Iva’s Ljubljananjam  Food Walk, I must tell you why you should visit Slovenia. Its gorgeous, underrated and cheap!! The colorful architecture, famous “Pink Church”, diverse food and wines will blow your mind. And……Its Italy’s neighbor!!


Coming back to my food tour in Ljubljana…. Iva has curated an excellent tour of exploring the lesser known Slovenia and her brand motto “showing the yummy side of the Alps” asbolutely fits!! This was my first ever food walk (2015!) and I was so glad to be having Iva- a big time foodie with me. Iva’s personality shined through the very first meeting.

She was a very warm and chatty person who told me that her love for Slovenia’s food led her to start the Ljubljananjam Food Walk in Ljubljana. There were two more people Marija and Andrej (a brother and sister from Australia), who joined us for the walk, both extremely passionate about food and travel- which made it even more exciting and fun!!

The Food Walk:

Our first stop was at a cool bar/caffe slightly further from the centre of the town in a small narrow street. It gave a very Eastern European vibe. Not only it was one of those places where tourists probably didn’t visit but also very authentic.

We settled in the cozy caffe and were served a bowl of warm sunchoke soup.

Iva’s Yummy “Ljubljananjam” Food Walk


Later we had Bela burja– a wine made in the Burja Estate of Slovenia. Iva then spoke how the food of Slovenia is influenced by its neighbouring countries Austria, Italy and Germany. We could see that in the platter that came afterwards which was full of carniola sausage, beef patties and stuffed vegetables- so German!! 

Everything was delicious and extremely fresh!


We all took a long walk from the centre crossing the Pink Church towards the cable car where there was a very quirky Bar. Iva ushered us in and introduced us to fresh buna coffee– strong, freshly roasted and tasty! I regret not buying some of it from the caffe that time 🙁

Anyhow, we savored our coffee while the rain slowed outside. Then we were served the famous “Ljubljana Cake” – a chocolate cake made from chestnuts, almonds, buckwheat and figs. it….was delectable!

Iva’s Yummy “Ljubljananjam” Food Walk

Iva sure knows how to keep her tour group happy because on the second spot, I was quite full and happy. From the coffee place, we walked to a part of town with several quaint lanes and graffiti and landed up at an Italian restaurant/sandwich place where we were served Hugo cocktail with polenta and cheese. YUUMMM!!!

Clearly the best way to end the Food Walk! I don’t have “professional” pictures of the day but I tried what I could with the little battery I had. What I do have is good memories of food, the taste of the soup on my palate, the delicious Ljubljana cake and the brilliant Slovenian wine!




The Famous Pink Church



A certificate to complete the Food Walk. Yay!

This was really my best evening of Ljubljana! Thank you Marija and Andrej for being amazing foodies and great conversationalists 🙂 It was so nice meeting you both!

Ljubljananjam Food Walks start at EUR35 depending on the number of people in the walk. Do contact Iva when you are in Slovenia, she is super flexible and customizes food walks as per people’s tastes.

31 thoughts on “Iva’s Yummy “Ljubljananjam” Food Walk

  1. Photos are perfect for the post. My daughter has been asking me to go here for a while – and as we are both foodies, then this looks perfect for us!
    Thank you so much for posting, I want to go now if for nothing else but the cake!

  2. Loved reading this post Ishita as it brought back so many memories of when I did this exact same tour! Iva has such a great, informative yet conversational guiding style I think and the food in Ljubljana is out of this world! I’d give anything for another slice of Ljubljana cake – in fact we bought a whole one to take home with us! 😁

  3. This is a new one on me, Ishita! A food walk 🙂 Would you mind if I include it on my Monday walks next week? It’s something a bit different and will appeal to lots of people, I’m sure!

      1. Normally people include a link to my most recent walk or the walks page, and I tweet it, put it on my Facebook page and include it in my next walk. http://restlessjo.me/jos-monday-walk/
        Sometimes though, I see something different that might be fun to share. I had a look at Iva’s site too. It’s a very good idea and if I’m ever in Lubljana…. 🙂

  4. Being a foodie by heart, reading your post was a great experience for me! The tempting photos of the different dishes left me drooling over it. The informative post is nicely written with every situation in detail such that it created a picture in a mind about your experience.

  5. Another novelty for me from my home town. Should contact Iva and recommend my father, no restaurant or similar, just a great cook. 😀 Sounds a lovely walk you had, very glad to read about it!

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