Leaning Tower of Pisa and Views from Above

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous (touristy) monuments of Italy and its beauty is universally acknowledged. It is a quite a sight too when you first see it because it leans (duh) and well it defies gravity. It is breathtaking because of it’s stark white color and definitely beautiful! The tower is part of a splendid square called “Piazza dei Miracoli” (Square of Miracles) that proudly boasts a cathedral, a baptistery and a cemetery.

There is an option of climbing top of the leaning tower (296 steps) to see the town of Pisa from inside and get some fantastic shots of the square. However, I must warn you it is for a whopping EUR18 and children below 8 years aren’t allowed to climb.

The “lean” during the climb of 296 steps might make you feel dizzy but it worth the effort when you reach the top! Here are some shots from above:

Torre Pendente di Pisa (The Leaning Tower)
The Field of Miracles
Peek into Pisa while climbing
Red roofed Pisa
The Pisan mountains afar
Two of the seven bells that are on top
The Cathedral of Pisa
Looking down
Another beautiful view
Goodbye Pisa!


Despite the beautiful views from the top, I found the ticket to be insanely priced. I’d rather recommend you spending time in the piazza below at a Bar or at the lush green lawns and relax with a book and vino.

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21 thoughts on “Leaning Tower of Pisa and Views from Above

  1. Nice pictures !! Experienced the dizziness… like you’ve mentioned 😛 But the sweeping views from atop are worth all the effort 😉

  2. I’ve talked to people who didn’t like Pisa because of the crowds of tourists. But I thought it was well worth a visit — and a climb to the top. The tower itself was actually more beautiful in person that I’d expected, too.

  3. Would you believe that I have lived for a year in Pisa and I never went up the tower? 😀 15 euros (at the time) seemed a bit too much and I was afraid I would feel too dizzy and get down, so I was just afraid of wasting my money. But the view of the Piazza from the top must be really worth the spinning head.

      1. It is quite pricey indeed, but if you think the money goes into maintenance of a building that has been defying gravity for 500 years then it makes a little more sense. Still, I was in Pisa as a poor student and had other priorities XD But I love Piazza dei Miracoli ever since I first visited it at 9.

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