Lots More Charming Italian Words I Love

There is nothing that can replace the joys of writing a blog. For that I am particularly grateful because I have made a lovely circle of friends here, some of whom I have met in real life and some that I hope to meet in future. I am lucky to have made friends who continuously encourage me to share my experience of Learning Italian. This keeps my motivation level a tad higher too.


Today I am continuing my favorite series from the blog with a list of charming Italian words that I love:
Comunque: Anyway, though.
Pettegolezzo: Gossip
Affollata: Overcrowded
Antichissimo: Very ancient
Giornaliero: Daily

Pranzetto: a small little lunch
Oppure: Or, Otherwise, else..
Qua/Qui: Here
Incantare: To charm
Brillo: Tipsy
Nulla: Nothing
Piuttosto: Rather, instead

Prelibatezza: Delicacy
Soggiornare: To stay
Casetta: Small house or a lodge.

Do tell me your favorites in the comments.

34 thoughts on “Lots More Charming Italian Words I Love

  1. As a word that rolls off the tongue, I love pettegolezza, but I also comuque, as ordinary as it is. In part, I like it because it is ordinary and useful. But it’s also ones of those words one can hear often in Italy, as in overhear as parts of conversations, as it makes you feel as if you are making progress and finally understanding. Forza!

  2. I did a post like this way back in 2011. Pettegolezzo was on it and is still a favourite. I also love mozzafiato – breathtaking, scombussolato – discombobulated and stupidaggine – foolishness. I do love the Italian language, even if i am only slowly learning it.

    1. Do share the post Debra. I was not blogging back then neither following you 🙂 Me too slowly learning (piano piano) I bet you know it so well by now seeing that you spend half a yr there

  3. Ishita I love those posts!! Anyway, we call it “pranzetto” because we like to think we’re modest, but it’s never gonna be “small” for real 😀

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