Warmth in the South at Palazzo Rollo

Believe it or not, a little over a year ago, I had no idea about Puglia, let alone where to stay in Lecce.

Palazzo Rollo #VespaDispatch

After reading countless blogs on the region, I felt as if I was mysteriously being called there. Puglia is a region in the south of Italy famous for its white washed towns, stunning coastline, olive trees and trulli houses. The more I read about it, the more I wanted to be there. So in April 2016, I started my journey in Lecce.

Palazzo Rollo: Oh the baroque!

I was kindly hosted by Palazzo Rollo,  a 17th century palace, which is now converted to a B&B. My room was attached with a huge lobby, a drawing room, a bathroom with a hot tub and a small private kitchen. It was very homely as I could come and go as I wanted, cook and and eat something in the room and make coffee for myself in the morning. Palazzo Rollo was a wonderful start to my Southern Italian soujourns.

The Palazzo is owned by Elena Andretta and her family and was her home while growing up. Elena is very passionate about keeping her forefathers legacy alive and her thinking and traditional values impressed me. She along with her staff member Simona were absolutely wonderful hosts and made sure I saw Lecce with their suggestions.

Palazzo Rollo: Elena and Simona.
Palazzo Rollo
Palazzo Rollo

Palazzo Rollo was at a fantastic location as it was only 5 minutes away from all the main attractions. The mornings at the Palazzo were full of fresh Italian cornetti, cold cuts, juices, coffee and fruitsDuring the day when it was too hot, I came back to take a nap or a shower. One of the days I had a lovely evening on the terrace with a fantastic view of the bell town of the town’s Duomo (main cathedral).

Palazzo Rollo: Campanile del Duomo

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Palazzo Rollo

I totally recommend staying in Palazzo Rollo for your time in Lecce. It is central, convenient and exceptionally friendly!
Disclaimer: I was a guest at Palazzo Rollo but the opinions don’t change. Everything expressed here is solely my own.

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48 thoughts on “Warmth in the South at Palazzo Rollo

  1. I could feel the overwhelming number of photos that you took. 🙂 Looking forward to your future uploads! Haven’t been south of Roma myself, but sooner or later. Oh, and also here, south of Tuscany, everything is closed between 1 and 4 pm.

  2. Grazie amica! How lovely that our kinship across the continents has resulted in a rich friendship and, although I wasn’t there with you (this time), that we now share the experience of Lecce and Puglia, a region I love so much…

    1. Grazie a te, cara. Thanks to you I knew of Puglia and how wonderful it is. It was a big push from your side (even if indirectly) that I could consider visiting this region. I absolutely relate to your love of this region. It must be like home to you by now 🙂

  3. This place looks amazing! I can see why you enjoyed it so much. Must put it on my list. I have only been to Genoa, Pompeii and Messina so far in Italy.

    1. Those are very interesting places too, Darlene! There is so much to see in Italy that it needs more than a lifetime 🙂 I haven’t been to either of yours YET 😉 And yes please visit this pretty little town and amazing B&B.

  4. I have been following your Blog since we met in Lecce, and I really have enjoyed it. Love these pictures of Palazzo Rollo, especially the last one of the terrace we had outside the apartment we had there for a month.

  5. A friend went there last year & didn’t stop talking about the wine in Lecce. Also loved the pictures shared by you. It is rightly called the Florence of south. 🙂

  6. You know it’s funny, I too had never known of Puglia until I started blogging and read so many posts about it and how beautiful it is so it definitely put it on my radar and I’d love to see it one day! So lovely to know that you made it there and sometimes, these kind of gorgeous, more intimate types of accommodation have so much more character don’t they? 🙂

    1. Absolutely. They have a lot of character and I’m preferring them more and more from the hotels. Strange isn’t it? We never know about so many things and with no expectations we go there. And once back we don’t want to go anywhere else 😉

  7. Thanks Ishita for taking us through Puglia specially Lecce. Its gorgeous and seems so that you had an amazing stay at Palazzo Rollo. Waiting for more of your posts from the trip. Its such a delight reading through😊😊

  8. This sounds like a dream Ishita. Hope you get to go back again. You’re sort of making me fall in love with Italy myself. Isn’t surprising because the way you describe it is almost dreamlike. That b&b looks like the perfect reading spot if you’re so inclined. Another great post.

  9. As another Italophilie, I love southern Italy and have bought a home there. I have not yet been to Puglia but plan to in September. Great blog thanks…

  10. Lovely post Ishita! Yes, I feel as you do about Puglia. It is an amazing place and very different from the northern part of Italy. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time:)

  11. Love your blog. Have been to Italy twice and I still feel there is so much more to see. Will surely explore more of south Italy if I ever plan another trip.

  12. You make every place more beautiful with your words.. and it adds up to my “To be Visited” List… This is another one.

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