A Historic Ride on the Opicina Tram in Trieste

The Opicina was a Tram+Funicular Railway that linked the city to Villa Opicina. It started in 1902 and ran from Piazza Oberdan to Opicina, a hill top town 5 km away. As of October 2017, The Opicina Tram is no longer in operation. Tickets were asily bought from a Tabaccheria – a shop that sells everything including bus/tram tickets. #OnlyInItaly

Opicina Tram, Trieste

The tram crossed the city’s many streets and houses, the tyres screeching several times as it got pushed uphill and back hill to change tracks (the tram to furnicular track). A lady I befriended in the tram told me she regularly took this tram and advised me to sit on the other side of the window for a view.

Opicina Tram, Trieste
Opicina Tram, Trieste

I was blown away! The minuscule red houses and expansive Bay were so so picturesque.

Trieste looked unbelievably gorgeous especially as the tram kept moving up. The last stop was The Obelisk from where Trieste’s panoramic splendor could be seen.

Opicina Tram, Trieste
Opicina Tram, Trieste
Opicina Tram, Trieste
Opicina Tram, Trieste


The Opicina tram reminded me of a bygone era.. I wish it still existed.

63 thoughts on “A Historic Ride on the Opicina Tram in Trieste

  1. Wow… and what made you decide to go there if I may ask? I mean because it is kind of off the beaten track as they say.The city looks beautiful. Is it a city that can be easily walked, or do you need to use public transportation?

    1. Ciao Rae 🙂 I decided to visit it when I saw some pictures of its “Grand Canal” 😉 Its totally a walking town with Austrian and Hungarian history. Very stylish place. You will like it.

  2. It is a cog railway, actually. Next time, enjoy the 3.5k walk from the Obelisk to the village of Prosecco, along the so-called “Napoleonica”, at sunset. Breath-taking views on the Gulf galore!

    1. Thank you for the tip and the info! I had to go to the village but it was too windy after some time. I may go to Trieste just for this tram and coffee 😉

      1. You’re welcome! And don’t be afraid about windy weather. The most common feature of Trieste is “bora”, a very fast wind that may reach 130 km/h (average speed is 70-80), you can’t say you know Trieste until you experience some bora days (people use to say that bora is born in Senj, gets married in Rijeka and dies in Trieste). Ciao!

  3. Hello,I read your post and commented, and now I am thinking to add something to my comment..Have you been to Croatia?  From Trieste you cut across a tiny piece of Slovenia and then you are there!Croatia is really nice!  Cheaper.  And kind of non touristy.. in a way.  We just attended a truffle festival in a small village famous for white truffles  and more.. I wrote about the  truffle festival and if you go to my blog and back up a few posts you will see info.  I think you would like it a lot judging from your blog.Keep writing.my blog ishttp://whatfillsmyplate.blogspot.it/

    Dave LesterDue Carrare, Italy

    1. I have never been to Croatia but I hope to visit someday. I saw Pula is a fascinating town. Thanks for commenting, Dave 🙂 Il check your blog too!

  4. Lovely photos, and I’m happily familiar with that view. The walk along the Strada Napoleonica is gorgeous, just as the tram trip is. I moved here almost 3 years ago and have never regretted it. The city is small enough to be comfortable and large enough to feel like a city, and so very walkable. When the bora blows, have some coffee inside.

    1. Thank you for your lovely thoughts all the way from Trieste. If I am ever there, il give you a ping 😉 I loved Trieste and would love to come back.

  5. Thanks for the like of Beautiful Blue Danube. I’m glad you discovered the Opicina Tram. We started our life on the rode with two months in Trieste. The tram was put back in service while we wee there , before then we had to take a bus. Morris’ book, Trieste and the meaning of Nowhere was inspirational. We even found out that the stray cat rescue center was found in the courtyard of the hospital around the corner from us. Cheers

    1. I really hope you get to visit soon, I think it’s your Xmas present from Santa then! Buon natale! thank you so much. Will just read your post 🙂

  6. Your marvellous blog tempts me to plan my trip to Trieste soon! The beautiful description of your tram experience, the place and the splendid clicks leaves me spellbound. The beauty of the place makes me think how beautiful God has created this world. Thanks for introducing us to such an eye-striking place.

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