Testaccio, Trapizzino & Tram Depot

I didn’t know all of Rome’s districts until recently so one morning I decided to take a walk in the lesser known neighborhood of Testaccio. It was local life at its best! Romans going about their businesses, shopping at Mercato Testaccio, nonni playing with their grandchildren, women chatting with the butcher….. It was essentially Rome without the crowds. The Testaccio market was full of different sounds and smells.


Testaccio: Mercato Testaccio


From the market towards the main piazza, I kept walking till I reached the end of the road. There was an old tram called “Tram Depot”- old inoperative tram carriage made into a kiosk serving coffee, cocktails and much more. This place was a win win for me with it’s brilliant garden swing, sitting area and retro styled chairs were adorable!

I enjoyed the fresh cornetto and cappuccino along with a very friendly service. It was a good way to immerse in speaking Italian even though most of it concerned about the many pigeons in the area!

Testaccio: Tram Depot
Testaccio: Tram depot

Address: Via Marmorata 13, Rome


After a long pausa, I headed to the street food craze called Trapizzino! In simple terms Trapizzino offers small triangular shaped bread pizza filled with delicious toppings of your choice! There is a lot to choose from but I went for the classic flavors of eggplant parmesan and marinated artichokes. (Oh Italy!!) Later, I also packed a polpette al sugo (meatballs in tomato sauce) to go along with my chilled beer. My trapizzino was super yumm and costed €3.50. The store in Testaccio is very tiny but a perfect spot for people watching. This is also where I heard English and saw tourists like myself!

Testaccio: Trapizzino. Which one would you have??
Yummy in my tummy!

Address: Via Giovanni Branca 88, Rome

Have you been to any of these places?? If not, I’d recommend you to try them #WhenInRome Also, if you are on Instagram follow for some Italian wanderlust and delicious Italian food!




24 thoughts on “Testaccio, Trapizzino & Tram Depot

  1. Great stuff! I was in the central post office on Via Marmorata with American friends last weekend, we were waiting a long time in vain since they didn’t have postcard stamps to sell, only the machine to stamp the postcards provided that they are ready yet. Amore doesn’t know about the tram either. We will check it out one day. And he doesn’t know trapezzini!

      1. Ohh, not funny! We waited in line for some half hour only to be told they don’t have stamps. :p And so we were late for the cannon! Do you know there is the daily cannon shot at precisely midday from Gianicolo?

  2. Hey Ishita nice collection on instagram i like small pink car & houe pic. When i see these pic i feel i am unlucky bcaz when will i go Italy.

  3. I love Trapizzino! 😀 The one with melanzane alla parmigiana is my favourite! I’m happy you liked my hometown 🙂 I’ll follow your adventures!

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