Dear Readers: Never Stop Dreaming

Cari Lettori,
On the 5th of March I wrote this post about missing Italy. I had no idea when I would visit the land of my calling. Many of you reached out to me, empathising with me, understanding my feelings; some of you were responsive with the same thought while others asked me when would I go. Trust me I had not the faintest hint because I was just thinking of it as a far fetched dream…..
You might have heard that sometimes when you least expect, things happen at the drop of a hat. That was exactly what happened to me!

I realized that all along I was waiting for something to transpire, something out-worldly, when in reality I should have been the one making it happen. So I focused on what I had- the resources, time, money…..and things started to come to me. I set some goals and budgeted my trip. And now...

fiastra lake from the top
Lago di Fiastra, Le Marche (Credits: DiscoverMarche)

I have collaborated with the lovely ladies from DiscoverMarche who have an excellent blog on the most beautiful yet one of the least talked about regions of Italy- LE MARCHE! Go follow them and see what they have to show you!! I will be in Le Marche with them and there will also be many other towns before and after.
Join me on my Facebook and Instagram pages and drop me a comment if you follow me there!
But before you go…
I just want to tell you all something that I have learnt in the past few years and that defines me well. If you are thinking, planning and dreaming of something big in your life, don’t wait. Find that inner courage and do it.
Let go of the fears, the ifs and buts…If you have an idea, materialize it; if you have a sense of urgency, don’t wait.
Never stop dreaming!!
Arrivederci from the other side of the world!

55 thoughts on “Dear Readers: Never Stop Dreaming

  1. I am so happy for you. I love Le Marche region and I love that it is so unspoiled. Have a fabulous time. How long will you be there for . BTW I thought you were in Piedmont

  2. Dear Ishita, I too love Italy and I enjoyed your inspiring post however, most of us don’t have the three things which you said you have, time, money and resources, so I don’t mean to sound negative but I don’t really see why there was anything stopping you anyway. However, I will keep dreaming and maybe one day I too will be able to throw caution to the wind, time money, resources (and health) permitting! Alison x

    1. Ciao Alison. I never meant to say go bankrupt and then come back. I wonder why you took it the wrong way.. Anyways I hope you do. What was stopping me was only me! I’m no millionaire either. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Such wonderful news! I am so happy for you! Thank you for the important reminder as well… we can do anything we make up our minds to do!

  4. Enjoy the Marche! Just put a few extra S’s (Jesi becomes Jessi) and talk as if you were doing a bit of a singalong and you’ll be talking like a native! 🙂

  5. I’m going to Italy on 23rd June i.e. Next month.. we are going to Rome Florence Venice and Naples … any tips on touring there etc ?

    1. Hi Jahnavi. Thanks for getting in touch. I usually do this as a work now so you can email me for tips and the services you require and I can get back with a quotation

      1. Oh alright! We’ve already booked and received some advice from some other people! But thanks a ton for the offer .. I will definitely get in touch with you in future for some tips 🙂

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