Charming Italian Sentences I Love

Many of you who have stuck around on Italophilia for long know that I did posts on Charming Italian Words. Those posts were a hit because they connected with people who are either in Italy or Italians or just fellow Italophilies like me!

Today I go a notch higher to see some phrases/sentences that I love using. I have recently taken a break from classes and am continuing study from home. It is a test to see how much I have gathered in the past year of study because I know the best test is talking in Italy.

Anyhow, here are some of the my Professore told and that have stayed with me:

Al piu` presto: As soon as possible

Con buona volunta: With a good attitude

Stato d’animo: State of mind

Mettere la benzina: Add fuel to the fire.

C’era di tutto: There was everything


Non ce la faccio piu`: I can’t manage it anymore

Non mi importa un fico secco: I don’t give a damn

Sotto banco: Under the table

Portare in giro: To show around

Ognuno ha i suoi gusti: To each his/her own

Favorites please?? Mine are non ce la faccio piu`and ognunoi ha i suoi gusti! They resonate with life in general 😉

34 thoughts on “Charming Italian Sentences I Love

  1. Thank you for this wonderful post – as I am in Italy now, I will try to incorporate some of these phrases into my chats.

  2. “Tutto a posto!” “Va bene!” “Stammi bene!” These are mine. 😀 Do you other other meanings of “portare in giro”? It can mean to make fun of somebody, or to cheat somebody.

    1. Making fun of somebody/cheating is not “portare in giro”, but “prendere in giro”.
      Portare in giro means “go along/accompany/guiding someone”.

      1. We visited Milan, Venice, Naples, Rome, Florence, Vernazza over 16 days last summer. It was an incredible trip. I think I could actually live in Italy 🙂

  3. Nice to see you like our sayings! Just a small correction: it’s “ognuno” ha i suoi gusti. 😉

  4. “Non c’è una bella scarpa che non diventi una ciabatta”, questa mi piace molto Ho visto che sei stata alla mia Turín! Hai mangiato gelato nella gelateria argentina davanti al Duomo? Ricorda: dulce de leche. Dopo raccontami. Bye

  5. Ma favorite is: dolce far niente 🙂 i would say it means to be able to take a moment just for yourself, to do anything you want just because you can, to do something sweet for you soul because you are a master of your time

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