My First Experience with Airbnb in Trieste

This post is from 2015 when it was in “vogue” to book through Airbnb and the concept of comfortable and quirky homes to strangers at a reasonable price was still a fad. So while hunting for a room to stay in Trieste, I found this lovely Airbnb which was only a 5 minutes walk from the centre.

The reviews of the place were fabulous and the place looked great from the pictures too. It was shaping out to be my first ever Airbnb experience in Italy…..Honestly was a little skeptical because I had never done it.

I wanted to be 100% sure about the decision of staying in someone else’s house. So to understand the procedure a little better, I read more reviews of different places in Italy and other parts of the world.

By the end of two long days, I was satisfied.

It seemed like a reasonably good and safe option to take, since so many people were using it! The room in Trieste was booked and hence started my first experience with Airbnb!!

You can even check the room yourself and some of the tours below for your trip to Trieste! 

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My Airbnb in Trieste

My First Experience with Airbnb in Trieste

My Airbnb room was exactly as promised online. It was spotlessly clean with a large window overlooking the narrow street.

There was free Wifi and fruit on the table. I was given an extra key of the house to enter and exit as and when I wished.

My room was blue and oh so pretty that I did not feel like going out! The breakfast was right next to my room, in a cozy kitchen with all amenities in case I needed to warm my food or have a cup of coffee or even cook. The best part about staying there was that I was in the centre of everything and yet in a decently quiet street in Trieste. So if you are looking on where to stay in Trieste, book this room!

Time for breakfast

My hosts Daniele and her husband were unbelievably kind. Daniele was unwell when I visited, so her husband took care of everything. Every day he asked me what time I would like to have breakfast and made sure I got my fair share of privacy when I came back to my room in the evening.

We chatted about Daniele’s health, the city and it’s unique location in Italy. It was a very pleasant experience staying in this house knowing that Daniele and her husband were across the hall in their flat for any issues.

I love this kitchen!

One very interesting point to be noted for this apartment was that every room in the house is named after one of Daniele and her husband’s female relatives. My room was named Beatrice. I totally recommend visiting Trieste because I loved the entire concept of staying at a local’s place. It’s been so many years now and I’ve been constantly using Airbnb it for all my travels.

What about you?? Have you booked through Airbnb??

A place to eat below the house








53 thoughts on “My First Experience with Airbnb in Trieste

  1. AirBnb seems to mne meeting the needs of travelers who would want a bit of local color and meeting actual people of the place which would be what you would say for a “traveler” as compared to a tourist>
    I have seen many AirBnB properties in India, including a few in and around Simla. Basically I used to shoot photos for them when the company used to pay good money about 3-4 years ago.

    I love the place that you have put up photos of. Beautifully done and your hosts seem to be great people.

  2. I have tried it quite many times while travelling in Spain ,it was quite good experience , I prefer staying in a home than a hotel and I liked the overall experience until now we got good hosts so far 🙂

  3. So glad that you had such an excellent experience
    . It looks wonderful.
    I used Vbro for the 1st time on my Italy trip for 3 different apartments, and was equally as happy.
    Thankful that these types of options exist.

  4. What a lovely post, Ishita. And I absolutely loved your room 🙂 I haven’t yet booked through AirBnB but maybe I should sometime in the future 🙂

  5. Great info Ishita. I have used AirBnb to rent apartments in Rome and Portovenere but I have never just rented a room. I was seriously considering doing it next year in Italy, now I am convinced. Thanks Ishita.

    1. How interesting Lyn. I never cook when I’m in Italy so don’t require a whole apartment for me .. But il try that someday. Yes you must! Thank you 🙂 n see you soon.

      1. The reason I rented apartments is because I had friends joining me. When we stayed in Bagni di Lucca we were there for 4 weeks. I don’t enjoy eating out every day for so long. But next year I am really excited to just rent a room. See you

  6. What a cute little place!! I’m glad you loved Airbnb!

    I’m actually about to do a post on how to have a great Airbnb experience. I’ve stayed in a whole bunch of them this year, and just love everything about it — that it’s local, often a more central location, often cheaper, and often has more amenities.

    1. Good to hear that Liz. But since I wanted to eat out I didn’t take the entire apartment. Yes indeed great experiences. Thanks so much for stopping by :*

  7. You won’t believe, just yesterday I was checking Airbnb in Pune. Still searching for one. What a lovely experience you had. Loved that blue room. It is a great concept where you get your privacy and at the same time get to meet people and best is the feeling that someone is around in an unknown place. Will surely try one soon 🙂

  8. my first time using air BnB when i was in munich last october. travelling thousan miles away from where I live. it turn out great, even the host travelled to my country 2 months before I came. so it’s like talking to old friend 🙂 thx for the post.

  9. We used them in Ljublana for three nights whilst our motorhome had some repairs. Like yours, we were central, had a free run of the house and our hosts were really welcoming and gave us lots of information. MUCH better than an impersonal hotel and cheaper too.

  10. Hi Ishita,
    We have used AirBnB quite a few times in France ( this year) and Germany and Slovakia (last year). They have been a mix of apartments and rooms in someone’s house or apartment. Our experiences have been really good. Most of the host/hostesses have been friendly and a wealth of good information about their city/town or region. Pleased your first experience was a good one. Cheers, Mark

  11. Great write-up!

    We always use Airbnbs and especially in Italy as they’re much better value and more personal than hotels.

    I’ve only spent one day in Trieste but as a side-trip from Venice during Carnivale, will have to return to Trieste. My mother’s family used to live in Trieste before arriving in Australia in the early 1950s. I need to do a lot of research there and in Rijeka, Croatia (formerly Fiume, Italy), where my mother was born. 🙂

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